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Mandate _Of_Heaven_27_8_2016

“Welcome to the Mandate of Heaven a devised play in 3 Acts by Catherine Meeson. It is a spiritual, philosophical, environmental social commentary that looks at and critiques our current civilizations modus operandi- through interactive audience address and audio visual performance method.

It is a timely message, a plea for and on behalf of all souls including the earth herself. Infused with the echo and essence of timeless wisdoms and the vision of life today, The Mandate of Heaven calls on the will of the people to act. It reflects on the ethics of human dominance, governance and ownership, the economic imperative, worth and the foundations for life. It speaks for the community of life from the perspective of the intercessionary principle. It challenges current models in light of universal interspecies ethics and directly prompts persons to contemplation and action. It proposes future karma and the need to reassess the founding structures upon which our civilization stands.  It calls to account. It asks the participant to contemplate many things. It is an intercession, a point of departure to a future as yet unwritten.

Below- works in progress -props & scroll making. Scrolls had to have the fabric cut glued and sewn in place and then be written out. Bags had to be cut and sewn up. I had to adapt a simple hat to befit My Minister and give him the appearance of a government official., well at least to suggest the idea.  My characters the Bodhisattva and The Minister from the Imperial Courts of Weights and Measures will present the scrolls and give commentary on many things.

There is an enormous amount of work to do, video assemblage, there is a song that was written that needs working on that most likely will be a’capella. The audio files sequence order needs to be figured out. Today I join video blocks and start the tedious process of downloading. I have accessed what I could from the commons but as with a lot of my art I do not have the financial resources to really effectively convey what I want so it just has to be simple within my means. there will be an attributions listing later on.

Mandate of Heaven will be performed in partnership with RONA16 Rights of Nature Tribunal Brisbane in October. In Melbourne it will be performed at The Chalice in Northcote.

Our theme is ‘We are One- Stories of the Earth Community’ our day will feature workshops, visual and photographic exhibition, artists talks, dance and talks, details are still being discussed. It will be  a heartwarming soul making family friendly day ad we hope you will join us. Official Invite and collective flyers coming soon with links.

Everyone who hears about it so far…first words….deep. How deep will we go, well that just depends…on all of us.

Keep an eye out here – My Event  @ Facebook for updates

Mandate of Heaven Event Promo Facebook  &

More performance art works will be offered later in the year  hopefully as part of ‘Hillscene Festival’ in the Dandenongs….more details soon. Enough to do right now.

Remember you can get Contemplating Buddha’ my third album or any of my releases ‘Revolution complete’, ‘Atmospherica’, ‘Oriental Temple Gardens Complex’   here



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