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Contemporary music lessons, beginner keyboard, guitar and voice. Student focused.

To speak with Catherine about music classes, phone her on 0421 850 297 today.


Contemporary music lessons, beginner keyboard, guitar and voice. Student focused.

What do we learn in music classes?

Catherine teaches a combination of notation, tab and  lead sheet, equipping  with not just the ability to play and read if that is what you are after, but the ability to listen, to play in the true sense of the word, with curiosity and joy. We improvise, take what we are learning and deconstruct popular music, so we can speak and communicate the language of music with every fiber or our being, understanding its structure and all the foundational elements of music.

Student focus means we start where you are at, working with your specific goals, whether technique, theory, or more goal oriented (music theater, recording projects, band work, performance technique etc).

For those who take it up, music is often a lifetime journey, the learning never stops, it can be your best friend in times in need, and a source of great joy and pride.

Benefits of Music lessons

  • Whole-brain stimulation
  • Enhanced body mind coordination
  • Promotes holistic well being
  • Great stress relief
  • Enhances self worth/ self expression
  • Emotional literacy
  • Enhances communication ability
  • Fosters a connected sense of Self

How much are lessons?

Lessons are conducted at Catherine’s Sonic Sanctuary studio in Melton or online via Zoom.  Sessions can be booked for a one off, or on a school term basis for youngsters (average Victorian term is 10 weeks). Package deals include a 10% discount.

Casual 30 minute lesson $40
Term (10 lessons) $360

Additional information

Class Type

Casual, 10 Session Block

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