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Catherine Meeson Music

Catherine Meson is a progressive psychedelic rock and ambient ethereal electro artist, songwriter, indie producer, creative director, techno bard from Melbourne Australia.

Please find in the tabs below Music, more information relating to bio, collabs, gigs, Music videos and E.P.K.


Catherine is a multi instrumentalist as well as performance artist, both elements seep into her rare live performances. Due to varied stylistic influences her music is hard to pin down. As a Musician she has played at Do the Dream, Maitreya festival, Renaissance festival, Big West festival and the opener for The Pixie Collective Hyperspace Gallery as well as My Aeons the Mothership. She played at the ‘Call of the Forest’ fundraiser to raise funds for John Seeds Deep Ecology and forest preservation of Los Cedros Cloud forest in Equador.

She has played as both musician and as performance artist at Embracing Spirits the Goddess Within Fundraiser for the Art to Healing Project, to benefit sex trafficked women and children in Asia. Aphrodites Bordello a Vaudevillian show featured in the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Synergy @ Kindred Studios, and various small venues around Melbourne.

Her work was featured in Victoria Universities ‘Offset Creative Arts Festival’, theatrical make up exhibition in 2012 at F.C.A.C, and as part of Australia’s Computer Music Association Conference 60/60 Exhibit at College of the Arts in 2014. Subsequent album cycles have had the rare performance, the artist being reclusive by nature.

Catherine performed a two character play with By The Mandate of Heaven in 2016 and then performed as Oma in The Call of Oma electro orchestral concept album launch in 2020. Catherine was privileged to work and play at the Dream Big Festival, Meltons arts and well being project for community.

Catherine is deeply passionate and committed to working as an artist in and for the community with relevant fundraisers and philanthropic causes, and has done so since 1997.

Various future characters with sacred and social commentaries whisper on the winds, always tapping  the divine feminine well spring, so stay attuned and resonant. They include Binary Avatar a cyborg and The Empress

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Catherine has released four self produced independent albums and has received air play in various capacities around Australia with ‘Revolution Complete’, ‘Atmospherica’, ‘Contemplating Buddha’ and ‘The Call of Oma’. From 2010-2020. Her honours work ‘Oriental Temple Gardens Complex’ has also received airplay.

Rainbow Bridge (Across the Deep blue Ocean) (Contemplating buddha) A quintessential love song released in 2016.

The single Mr Big Man coincided with Australia’s #StopAdani National day of action


I Am (Song of the Earth) was released on Earth day 2017


An epic electro orchestral work off The Call of Oma album released on World Oceans day in 2019

More Videos on Youtube


‘The Call of Oma’ electro orchestral concept album was released on World Mountains day 11th December 2019 and has had good reviews and multiple feature interviews as well as community radio support via  CBAA AIRIT. Launched at Lentil as Anything January 11 2020 Received favourable review, airplay and feature interviews on a few shows.

‘Contemplating Buddha’ was released 20th March 2016, launched at Bar Open Fitzroy. Tracks ‘The Motherland’, ‘Rainbow Bridge’ and ‘The Outpost’ feature on AIR IT (Australian  Independent Radio Airplay Project) and are taking her work further round Australia.

December 21 2014 saw the release of her second ambient electro acoustic album ‘Atmospherica’, also featured on 3PBS Art of Bleep with Evan Carr.


Oriental Temple Gardens Complex’  her honours work was released in 2014 and is available  in the store. It has been featured on 3PBS Art of Bleep with Evan Carr.


Her debut album  released in 2010 ‘Revolution Complete’,  was reviewed on Radio Adelaide’s ‘Out of This World’ by Steve Sokvari in a special show. You can download it via the   STORE  here or via Bandcamp or ask about limited edition cds.

revolutioncomplete cd image



 Airit has been folded into AMRAP, Catherines profile page for radio below.

To purchase releases go to the store page. All work accept Atmospherica and Oriental Temple Gardens Complex is available on other digital outlets. Whole Discography is available on Bandcamp only. Future archives and demos to be released via Bandcamp.

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