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Catherine Meeson the Cat of 9 lives.


Musings 28.1.2024

My Audio Engineering and Sound Production  degree is finally complete, I graduate this year. My final folio of works ended up being my 5 song e.p. ‘All Souls Lament’ due for global release 31.03.2024 and an 11 minute progressive rock work called No words by Sean Geerling. Sean played on the e.p. too.

I am over the moon with my results mostly high distinctions a few distinctions. I am good at guiding works to completion, and sending them off each on their own merit out to sail the sonic seas, make waves and the waves carry inland.

I absolutely loved and was pushed by this degree, I should have backed myself more in 2008, but instead did music performance which led to my first bachelor a double major music and performance art, than did Honours.  But that’s probably it, too much work yet to finish, skills honed I am a sound nerd. I have many more opportunities now.

Here’s a behind the scenes glance, of work in progress.


So many hundreds of hours on this E.P, recorded on the  SSL Duality, o.m.g., analogue flavour, Microphones production, = love. Featuring Julian Watson on lead guitar, also known as the soul man, Sean Geerling  bass on 3 tracks and backing vocals Resurrected, Max Merry drums Resurrected.

Producing works in the audio as well as visual domain is something I am good at ,as it just unfolds in my head so it’s like following a trail. You just make yourself available to walk and do the work.

I have a surprise coming soon and more glimpses into behind the scenes as we lead up to release.

The e.p. will be launched April 6th with Dandelion wine and Robots in Love at the Gasometer Collingwod, more info coming soon. 









Catherine next to Order of St Michaels sword, Macedon war memorial image.


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