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As a Visual Artist  she has donated works to a Friends of The Earth fundraiser in 1997 for the Indigenous Solidarity Group “Global Survival and Indigenous Rights” in Melbourne Australia titled  Reconciliation in our Hands’ and  to Spiritual Unity of The tribes  Inc., the work ‘Guardian Ancestors Speak’.

She held a solo exhibition in 2000 At Sub Terrain Vegetarian  Cafe in Nth Fitzroy called ‘Spirit in the World of Humanity’ . 

Her inspiration comes from the World Stage, and from issues and events that effect the individual and the collective…Of particular interest is the  natural environment, and the  right to being of all sentient life forms, the human, animal, mineral and plant kingdoms. she details the mythic &  archetypal . The passion and purpose behind the works for Spirit in the World Of Humanity was to inspire and share a  love of life, of all things living. The love  of Universality and Origins, of our  common Source, from Spirit, Creator etc. The need for responsible action in the maintenance and healing of our current world situation.  A nurturance & understanding  for all life forms. An artists perspective on the environment humanity & our common  spiritual source. To help generate  more awareness of  the need for conservation  & sustainable living for the next 7 generations. An appreciation of beauty and nature. An understanding of our inter -relatedness. An inspirational contemplation of life,a respect for all life forms & a call for loving action  & unity in all aspects of human endeavour to restore balance and  relations. Respect for the divine feminine mothering  aspect / nurturing life. This was held May 10-June 20 2000.

Mission Statement: for Exhibition

My work is  reflective of my belief and perception that all life  forms contain consciousness, a spark of the creator in form. Each piece is a hologram  reflecting the  whole, and cannot be appreciated or understood without the whole. The  whole structure of life is an integral  &  co dependant web of vast complexity:-  from the sub – atomic to the  distant star of the universe.  All is connected, all is related, and  we  can not progress unless it is together  in love and respectful harmony  of the right and place of each part of the  complex whole of life.

Photos for Spirit in the World Of Humanity Exhibition – Sub Terrain Vege Cafe North Fitzroy

IMG_0004 IMG_0006

Vimana Exhibition entries at Adelaide Fringe Festival, Dragonfly bar  2013

Vimana Exhibition entries at Adelaide Fringe Festival, Dragonfly bar 2013

In 2013 Catherine  had 2 paintings in Adelaide Fringe Festival  in a   collective exhibition organised by Sacred Resonance  called  Vimana’. She accepts commissions for her Geometric Mandala work. work in photo left is Seal of Isis and Cosmogenesis.

A selection of my visual art including painting, drawing and sculpture. All forms are committed in service of the muse, the art dictates its medium. More coming soon.

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