A Musicians Life – Segue

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The last year as a blur, it is time for a blog A Musicians Life – Segue. 2022 was rich post covid but extremely busy with work, uni and life. University has been intense but I have a folio of works for you to peruse below. Many intentions flew out the window as I went into catch up automaton mode, it was as if everything was on acceleration and time delay simultaneously. I will return to the Musicians Mental Health/ Well being blog focus in the future, other things are more critical at present. A snapshot of activities in teacher end of year concert mode, tracking mode and performance mode.

I found myself busy working first as a teaching artist mentor for The Songroom’s Duet program, mentoring 4 music teachers at primary school on curricula delivery, confidence building upskilling whatever they needed. The next contract was called Kaleidoscope- Songwriting for Social emotional Well being, post covid for primary school children. Last year I must have worked with close to 200 kids including my normal music students.

In parallel I moved,  tripped right out due to change of sonics via studio physical dimensions and atmosphere. I have had no privacy or isolation, the world requiring more of me than ever. I am enrolled in a Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Sound Production, at JMC Academy, I will finish this year. What a wild ride. I just love production, audio arts and now have so many more opportunities to diversify and work on different sound projects, recording, production, composing, arranging, film, live work, acoustic sound specialist consults . I guess my focus has been on studio work more than anything, microphone use, mixing desk and analogue signal chains. So now its time to share some diverse work from my university folio, including rock demos, my own creative work, an ambisonics immersive audio book ‘The Days After Genesis’ and A Sound Design folio with 5 tracks. This work will be later published released. It is online for interested clients.

I hope you enjoy the following audio. My website and online presence will be completely overhauled this year as I work towards the Ep ‘All Souls Lament’, a 5 song release. There will be videos (yet to be made, however currently being conceptualized on the back burner). I will be launching live ,hopefully with a band. More on that as we get there. If you want to stay more in touch with my artistic day to day sharing please visit Instagram.


Original rock songs by Sean Geerling, featuring Julian Watson, Catherine Meeson, Mark Toppin (Symbols in Sounds). Meeson solo work.





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