Project Mentoring


Project Mentoring and guidance for any stage of the creative or production cycle for Musicians and creatives of all kinds.


Project Mentoring and guidance for any stage of the creative or production cycle.

Project Mentoring specific to musicians and artists

Musicians and creatives can struggle to fulfill their unique creative vision and know where to start, it’s a bit like the chicken or the egg. Project mentoring can serve to prompt, guide and help you expand your creative vision and know how, as we journey together to fulfill your creative intent.

Planning the next event, release, costume, music video and all it entails can be a lot to juggle even for those amongst us who seem to do it so easily. There is a lot of work and ground covered between vision, intention and realization of creative works. We  must then let our creative works fly on their own merit, to live breath and be long after we are gone.

Project Mentoring can assist us on any Music or Performance Art based projects. Whether  conceptualising and executing the process to make music videos, planning the long haul for an album, or organising  concept events.

From songwriting, arrangement, production and matters pertaining to technique; studio craft and logistics, to planning a release, or fleshing out a special event,  I can help you envision and plot your project/ progress for a given work. Self empowerment for the D.I.Y musician.

What does a Project Mentoring session look like?

Project Mentoring can be done in person, remotely via Zoom and includes 1 phone call check in and email support. Sessions can be booked for a one on one session or as part of a four session package.

Per hour or Package deals include a 10% discount.

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