ethERwaVes…… iNTervIEw….do you read me?

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A huge thank you to AIR IT AMRAP for their support helping to take Contemplating buddha beyond into greater Australia, all states but Northern Territory, so far. I would not have reached these places without your acceptance of my work.  I intend to print a big map and put all the blips from the radar on it so I get a picture of the territory I may one day get to play……(with a huge injection of cashflow).

Australian stations known so far…..Radio Adelaide, 3PBS, 3RRR,  3CR, 97.9FM, Syn FM, 7EDG, 3GCR, 2SER, 2BAB, 3WAY, 3NRG, 6NME, 3INR, 3RIM, 2LVR, 5TRIPLEZ, Radio Alexandra, 4FCR, 3MGB, 7LTN, 5HR……’s like lighting up the mountain tops with the ole signal fire……..xxxxxx

Thank you to Keith Whitham in England for featuring me on his show Wired in Blackpool a fond place of my childhood… my Motherland, priceless mate priceless xxxx

Thank you to Tracy Perry for featuring me on her show Expansion of Presence and Rick Mc Clure Eclectic n Fusion in the U.S A xxxx

I have also sent links to Sweden

Ah it takes a long time, but slowly and  surely, steady as she goes, tis like gathering ships for my armada, they come out and join the Windcatcher Out at Sea…tuning in to the mid day forecast. (Lets see if any clever cookies get the code in that broadcast….hint hint…, listen back, read back….if you know the music you will find the links I pose these riddles all the time, as a daughter of the Sphinx!)


Tune in with James ‘Monte’ Irvine on Montes Uncharted Wednesday on Radio 2LVR in Forbes New South Wales

Wednesday @ 9.30pm on Wednesday 25th May

Tune in online at 9.30pm Wednesday 25th May


Buy the album here- it’s being well received so grateful! ♥





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