Ether speaks

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VISITATIONS- a work- I dreamed of an orchestra to play

Available on Revolution Complete via the store

an opening in the ether

an intangible spell

a sensual whisper

a subtle wave

a serenade from angels

with me a captive audience

knowing not what comes

just that it does

set the table

colour the pallete

invite it in

come dream with me

a heart wave in motion

deep feeling this ocean

with others to sail

no tis but me

tears stream down my cheeks

the bird songs so sweet

an echo of another time

long long gone

a corridor that’s memory

a soul that once was dear to me

not here

does not hear

the song of a life long belonging

yet the fortress is inpenetrable

such loss

the spirit from your loins

the cell stuff that you gave me

it speaks always your voice

In memorium.

Album 3 on the verge of final review submission pre mastering and crowdfunding. Won’t be long. Contemplating Buddha. Stirrings, activity in the hull, the Windcatcher’s out at Sea. Captains log out.

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