Nearing Years End

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DjeThe years fly by as they say…..mate I had hoped to have the album out before now but my sons gotta go to high school, that costs a wee bit.

So nearing years end, I found a willing collaborator to play a role in my film clip and have the wonderful help of Glen Cook behind the camera, we go off to make mischief in a few weeks, no idea what it will turn out like yet, my first foray into working with others with a camera outside of high school media, and god knows what happened to that! lol. Trying to contain the goofing is gonna be a challenge, lots of laughs.

So the new year will bring you Rainbow Bridge as a single,  to launch a small crowdfund campaign, I am gonna go with Go Fund me because I get to use all of it, even if I don’t make my modest request amount, and people from all over the world can donate securely and via phone . It is only for helping master, print and distribute cd’s and maybe some photos would be nice. I think I have done a friggin awesome job, as my third album, the songs are really awesome , the instrumentals are awesome, the themes continue. I’ve made it the best I can with my modest tools and all of it is 100% me accept the Didgeridoo on the Outpost,  Andrew Onto (thanks mate). All the rewards I will offer are complete, accept the Contemplating Buddha cd itself. I am awaiting feedback on the mixes….eagerly ….mm. I just have to hold the reins due to Christmas and new years, people go on holidays etc and have kids to worry about. I learnt last year dropping something at Christmas with little strategy and no launch etc, is just-well a waste (du doh), but that is the stuff I struggle like hell with, for time, what to do and lack of contacts and know how. I was lucky to get more radio support with Atmospherica, I hope this album will again be well received by those who have supported me Evan from Art of Bleep (thanks  a million) Steve from Out of this World (legend plus), Living in the Land of Oz, I hope some of you fine folk will help me. I thank already my Uncle and Aunt who over the last few years have been amazing and any who in advance are considering it <3 mucias gracias.

Getting out there to play a bit. More in the new year hopefully, slowly meeting more musicians and reclaiming my lost self- spent some time with the Lion working on courage (well it is Oz where I live). Ghosts can sure hold you back a long time.

My play proposal will go in to La MaMa in the new year, it will be my first play if it is accepted. It is a mammoth undertaking with lots of gathering needed, and it may just become musical, I may weave a couple of my songs in the last scene??? There are always so many questions guiding the creation of work, and they do not necessarily meet with answers, more just inform the context and enrich the work, or lead to areas of inquiry and integration that become part of, as opposed to distinct entities themselves. Is that confusing?>. There is a large video component to this work and it may require a small contingency fund for stock footage purchase. Looking forward to summer film making school to develop some skills there. Have to work multi modally. I also hope to work with Anjali Senguptu  again, in Acts of Love doing more music/ performance art ritualistic stuff , not sure yet…seeds are planted, they will germinate into fruits when they will.

me work


So looking forward to more completions. I also intend to finish the Giza Plateaus Ep next year…….am on the hunt for film I can use, in lieu of having no private jet to just dash across the ocean! . It is proving a lot more challenging a work than  the original inspired bits. but it will be finished.

I meet a guitarist tomorrow?


You can comment you know and communicate with me, I welcome it, but if you are an ass, forget it- you do not pass go.

As for whom ever tries to hack in to my site, get a life you idiots!

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