ThE shiP of fOols

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In the Grand Gallery of time

many tasks call forth

So much to do to complete

The seeds planted years ago

Enter my ship of fools

Explore with me my faces

A journey through the sonic symphonic seas

Of mayhem and revelry……………….

Poetics aside my next few months is gonna drive me bonkers. I really appreciate the work that labels do to assist their artists. Well lil old me it’s just me doing all of it, in Sonic Sanctuary Land. My current schedule – a couple of retakes of voice and extremely minor last minute edits to the wavs, then we are ready for mastering, Rainbow Bridge video editing, single art,  album art needs re doing to fit the template for gatefold, (but my lil home print up looks nice), it is going to be a lovely album sonically and visually. I have to organise  a launch date, get some help with booking it, rehearse and create parts for the songs that can be done live. I have  a couple of wonderful fellow Melbournites, Symettrix and Sleep Lab gonna play with me. Need to  rehearse the songs  and adapt for live, make the other crowdfund videos ( but that is zanny fun). Write all the crowdfund material, and get it online, decide if I am going just beyond bandcamp onto all digital networks via cd baby? Create multiple press releases, draft posters, I have six days of summer school for film making stuff, endless communications. Oh I got to get a proposition in to La Mama as well. Summer holidays (not) is going to be a blur. I do not know if I can pull it all off, but being the fool that I am I will give it a shot. I told ye all I would deliver my bounty and the Windcatcher has plenty for all!

Some images from The Ship of Fools. Over and out amigos


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