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Hi Everyone in the big wide web world www w w w w w w w w w w wwwwwwwww

Quite a few of the tunes I have on Youtube are at this point in time unreleased officially. Songs like ‘Go With The flow’, ‘All I ever Wanted’, ‘Voice of truth’ and this one ‘Peering in the Window’. Still this material was written in the same period but I have had to prioritise which ones go on the albums and which ones are more song songs. Contemplating buddha will have song songs, more then Atmospherica or Revolution Complete, but there will be another album after that with all this other material on it , or maybe as a few eps, that is already out there in some capacity even demos mixes on Myspace though a few have been long since deleted, tunes like Intensity etc? They will be remixed and the guitar, bass, voice parts re recorded, with maybe a few more samples to augment them.

Other stuff like ‘Emergence’ and ‘All alone out at Sea’ or ‘Heart of Hearts’ are meant for a band (as well as a 6 song ep) but I may just electro folk rock them too, as I can rely on my machines (mostly) but not necessarily on meeting the right people. I may never meet the right people and have that synergy, that chemistry that makes magic happen, it really is so so very rare. So maybe I am just meant to do stuff alone after all?

Either way I got the playing bug and am just rehearsing some stuff to hit up the open mics in electro mode, and make some new friends out there before I complete and drop this album. So I hope that some of you lovely folk will come out to see me, most likely Wednesday and Thursday nights just around town at some Open mics, make some connections that hopefully will lead to more playing opportunities.

So here is a little partial video of my song ‘Peering in the window’ from today, opening for the kiddies at work.  It is one of my poppier tunes.


Now for a sneak peak into song titles…….the creative way……

Contemplating Buddha picks up where Atmospherica left off- travelling once again through the farthest reaches of Interstellar space from the Perseus system arriving at BioStation 87 67 , and on to The Dark Rift (Edge of Eternity). We journey over the waters of the world with Odysseus, encountering the sirens; return to The Motherland via the Rainbow Bridge- Across the Deep Blue Ocean – where all things come together in Convergence. Now and Then we Contemplate Buddha and find ourselves on The Outpost where things are Going Down. Sometimes life is a bit confusing, a bit lonely, but as life is a solo journey we come into focus Like a Laser Beam and finish the journey wiser and stronger then before. Not a concept album per say- but a thread through time and space, an experience of life- a journey begun on Revolution Complete, deepened on Atmospherica, pinnacled on Contemplating Buddha. But this is not all, the Windcatcher has more bounty to share………….Melody will play again.



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