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‘I Am Woman Watch Me Roar is a detour into the collective musical landscape, inviting the shared voice of my comrades to express on theme. The title of this blog hearkens back the powerful 70’s anthem by Helen Reddy, and also evokes a sense of a powerful lioness defending her children and pride (double meaning).

The theme may or may not have a specific resonance for you. My invitees answered on theme. I am not using the word ‘music industry’ deliberately, as to me it conjures up images of ants and slaves. To me, before any industry can occur; it is about core identity, the who that we are and the why. It is ‘who we be’, beyond economics, such that, we would do it till the day we die, because ‘we just have to’.


Briefly describe your role in Music? (eg songwriter producer dj, radio, manager, engineer, all rounder etc)

Independent Artist- Lacunae Glow (South Australia) – Inspired by the summer, sea, and sky. Chill Pop with angelic beachy vibes. Singer, songwriter, classically trained pianist, music producer and artist.

How long have you been engaged in your musical journey?

Since I could talk I have always sung and made up music. As an independent artist I have been Lacunae Glow for about 5 yearsish?

In what ways has unconscious bias (sexism or other) affected you personally?

I don’t think about it. Anything boys can do, girls can do better, was a t-shirt I had as a child [lol].

I appreciate working with men, as we have different strengths we bring to the table, even with our hearing range. I am self driven, I don’t know if being a woman effects my credibility? I don’t think about it. Sometimes I get objectified, I’m sure men in the music space do as well. I even have marriage proposals quite regularly, even though I am just a normal person, I think doing music may throw you into an ‘otherworldly light‘ and maybe have a ‘fantasy aspect‘. I’m pretty humble, I don’t take it seriously.

What do you feel women need the most to thrive in the current social and musical climate?

Just keep creating and being true to the heart. I don’t know the answers. I am still working on making my dreams reality. I have other work and goals to support me rather than music supporting me financially. So maybe a passion for music, and a life balance to pursue dreams. Also don’t listen to critics. Just do your best, it is all art.

What has been the greatest obstacle you have had to overcome on your musical path?

Self doubt and perfectionism.

What is unique about a women’s voice, and approach that is so desperately needed in music today?

We have a unique emotional perspective, especially from a sensitive artistic point of view, which can also empower and uplift consciousness, into ‘a greater world view and personal empowerment view‘.

Why you are sharing this video?

This song has been doing well in the USA. I also get feedback from people saying they love listening to this song. I wrote this song as a multi layer piano piece and did lyrics about keeping positive mindset.

Do you have any advice for young women or others in the early stages of their musical exploration/ journey?

Develop a tough outer shell, don’t listen to doubters, listen to your internal guidance and be true to yourself, trust in your gifts, that ‘you have uniqueness to offer the world‘. Don’t worry about competitions, there is no real competition. There are lots of scams in the music world, listen to your gut, develop a keen business sense, you can do it on your own, you don’t need anyone to tell you what to do. Run your own music as a business. Make agreements up front if collaborating so there are no grey lines. Be true and fair and professional. Create and shine. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to limit you- eg you’re too young, too this, too that blah blah blah, the point of power is always in the present moment. There is no greater voice and reach than music which goes beyond all languages and cultures to touch the heart and emotions. To be a musician is a powerful gift it will give you purpose through life’s ups and downs and potentially help others as well. Do it for the love of it and support yourself financially with other pursuits, (unless you work out how to make lots of money in music- I’m still working on this part of the puzzle!).

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