TraVErsINg the WaTERs deeP

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A big fare thee well for the World Wide Web

I have been busy with a few things- I signed up for a great Australian Initiative by visionary Steve Palfreyman, to an online music conference called Music Launch Hub/Summit a brilliant forum for people like me still learning the ropes and needing a hand – or er a few ship mates to help out. All puns intended. What a great investment – worth every cent of the initial $99 U.S. So it allows access to dozens of great minds and expertise relative to all things music/ music industry, video conferencing, special facebook community and lifetime access. I have learnt so much and just skimmed the surface with content. I have lots of videos to go through – it really contains enough for a lifetimes work and growth. It has been awesome to make more musical friends.

Find out about that here

As part of the VIP process we are currently going through a 30day intensive Music launch process. As part of that was the #30dayfacebooklivemusicchallenge which was a challenge to use Facebook Live for 30 days. I didn’t even know about Facebook live till this came along. So I jumped first and have just finished thirty days of videos on my private facebook page. Apologies for the wider community I didn’t even think to go from my music page. I now have lots of videos to download and content to reflect on. The overall aim was to build audience engagement. It is a different mode of communication that I will definitely continue. I might even edit some of the videos and share them to my community or ship mates or what I am calling My Armada here. (Got to keep rolling with the metaphors).

So I have a new sign up for newsletters or Hop on Board and a proper email system set up now (thanks Tony Clark). I will continue to share from my blog here but will be offering first dibs to those who sign up for my email. It will be approximately once a fortnight.  They will get exclusives private video links, gifts, and be part of my Facebook Catherine Meeson Music Group community where we can connect personally and share. I will do periodic facebook live videos from there and also from my page.

So I invite you to join us here, it is invite only or opt in: Catherine Meeson Music Group

I am working on the I am (song of the earth) which grew out of the play Mandate of Heaven. The play will be made into a separate movie later, but here below are some video captures from the ‘once of’ performance in support of the first Australian Rights of Nature Tribunal in Brisbane in October. The play was performed  at the Chalice. A special film clip and single for I Am is to be released in the new year at a special interactive event in honour of our sacred Earth Mamma. More info on that forthcoming. If you want to be the first to know or be involved in the event,  I  invite you to participate directly and get involved with me, and  join my mailing list ship mates. In December we will be location scouting for select film work. I am delighted to be working with Maria whom I met at Melbourne Uni film summer school last year. I have made my costume. There is lots more to do.

A photographic glimpse into the play- thank you attendees for permission to use your image in documentation of the work. Thank you Maria Triantos for filming/ photography.


In other news, this morning I signed up for  Film Composing Masterclass series online, with Hans Zimmer, now that is going to be awesome, can’t wait, in the new year! My favourite thing to do besides be in the beauty of  our sacred earth, is to compose/ paint with sound, creating magical worlds to transport you! <3 Exciting! Stay tuned to hear about that journey as it unfolds. Set your sails!

Melody in the Windcatcher


All for now, thanks for stepping on board the Magical Mythical Windcatcher with me and if you haven’t be sure to do so below…..
Sign up to look down, down to the bottom of the deep blue sea…..come see, what you can see, see, see – with me.


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