International Womens Day-

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Hello Everyone, Happy new year! It has been a little while since I blogged. I had a lovely summer holiday albeit all to short, hope you have had as well.

I am busy working away on a couple of things at the moment.

I am (Song of the Earth) both the  film clip, & the event concept launch. Next weekend we do some site filming with Maria down the peninsula in character so it’s gonna be funny driving a couple of hours with a painted face ( I promise it’s not war paint….at least not yet). I still have to come up with the make up for my character.

There is still time for interested parties to join me in the event as performers. I am accepting video submissions from interstate or International artists or real fleshy people on site. There is criteria and a brief to respond to. Contact me if you would like to be part of it. The date is in April, more info forthcoming.

The Character who has emerged to tell the story and sing I Am (song of the earth) comes forth from prehistory and will tell a powerful tale of the earth and humanities journey through time. That’s all I am going to give you right now. You will have to come and meet her. The launch will be a fundraiser for Earth Guardians Youth training programs, empowering Earth Guardians around the globe.

Here is where we are going to film, a site carved by wind and wave, an inter-tidal zone  rich in timeless character and resonance. If you want to be the first to hear about my adventures  sign up for my newsletter to receive exclusives, invites links to live stuff etc here . Ship Mates is the name I have given to my compadres traveling on the open seas with me. Does that sound like you, up for unique adventure and rich spoils?

International Women’s Day gig on the 8th of March. The theme is ‘be bold for change’, you can find out more about that here I scored this gig in my home town, so I will pay homage to some of the women musicians who influenced me or who’s voice and musicianship I love. It is only half an hour, an acoustic set so I can only do so many. I am not fond of acoustic I love the sound but find the body cumbersome and  experience strain in the neck and arm. I always liked electric and small bodies. Still I do have a beautiful toned acoustic guitar a Blueridge with a nice warm resonance.  I will present the Pretenders, Heart, Joni Mitchell, Pat Benatar, and for the younger crowd Beyonce. A nice little challenge, a few of the songs in keys I don’t use too often and with chords I don’t use too often. Annie Lennox was huge but I don’t think I have time. I loved Delores from The Cranberrries who was more a sister soul, (just a bit older) and also Madonna, (as a young girl),  maybe I can do them another day. I would have to re- interpret her work (Madonna) as it is not so much singer songwriter oriented. Some of my originals will also be in the set in Unplugged mode.

So now back to it. Remember you can also join me  in the opt in only Facebook group here , where again I share different content to anywhere else, so If you would like to follow the story of my emerging work; Facebook, My blog (here what you are reading) and  My newsletter are all different. The newsletter goes out fortnightly so won’t drive you crazy.

Ok then till next time, reach out  I’d love to hear from you. Inquiries and bookings welcome

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