I Am Song of The Earth- Event Gallery and Response

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The I Am (Song of the Earth) video shows her journeys over the Earth through a reflective look, in the Book of Oma over many lives. Oma acts as an ancient embodied Earth Mother, A Root Race Guardian from the North with a message from the primal Earth to Humanity about life and it’s future, on Earth. Beautifully produced, epic in scope, deeply moving, and anthemic in nature; it calls one to attention and action from the heart. Featuring strings, synthesizers, timpani, and bass instruments with ‘the voice’ of the Earth.

It was with great pleasure I Am (Song of the Earth) was launched at Ceres on April 22nd 2017- Earth Day, as part of global Earth day events and a fundraiser for Earth Guardians Tree plant Challenge and Protect Our Future campaigns. The event was a success with funds generated going to local plantings and International crews for plants. Planting continues.

I was delighted to host an community of Artists for Earth The night hosted a variety of different artists, musicians, visual art, poetry and of course the 1st Installment of the Tales of Oma. We had a wonderful evening of soul, music, heart, arts,  great food share and community building.

Here is a Gallery of The Event- apologies for picture quality it was not the best light, not being a specific performance venue but a centre for Environmental education. Thanks to Evan, Ben and Orion (photos).

Responses to the single and video have been wonderful and I can’t thanks all the independent radio presenters enough and blogs enough. I am is in promotional campaign mode at present. some of the response has been


“Nice to meet caring, passionate and artistic people … Thanks Catherine to you,  and thanks for creating n organizing a unique experience ” Marie Cruz- audience member.

” Catherine’s latest alter ego(Oma), an ancient sage warrior was revealed and took her spellbound audience through a masterful mixed media presentation as she read from her book of wisdom. Her costume further enhanced Oma’s authenticity, as did her language. Oma ended her performance with gifts for each of the audience. These were delivered like eucharists to each of the audience in turn. Oma’s purpose here was for the shells to act as a reminder to the people present that s/he had a responsibility to be a part of the solution to a safer, more just planet”. Anthony Gleeson- audience member and radio presenter of The Sustainability Hour Pulse Fm


“Thanks to all involved in Earth Day Gig had lots of fun, enjoyed all the artists and thanks so much to all whom came along especially for all the lovely feedback on my first gig as Lacunae Glow and great conversations. Heartfelt gratitude. Special thanks to Catherine Meeson for all her organisation and single launch dramatic performance loved it! ”  Peace love n light ✨Shelley @ Lacunae Glow

“What a night and a spectacular and moving performance from Oma. Lovely connecting into this emerging creative hub of earth lovers and followers of spirit”. Liz Downes contributing writer/ video presenter Gift of the Sapara.


““The sheer brilliance of Catherine Meeson lit up the Wired show last night. Absorb this video and track for a master class in theatre, passion, imagination, drama and simply awesome music..” Keith Whitham Wired- Globegig Radio Blackpool U.K https://www.facebook.com/wiredradioshow/

“Totally EPIC!! I love the drama and build in this. The imagery takes me to a distant land in Medieval times, standing on a cliff overlooking the sea…taking in all the feelings it’s beauty and raw power evoke…being at one with nature. The orchestral backing is complex and soothing, and the lyrics come alive with your vocal delivery. This would be perfect in a cinematic soundscape. Much success with this!!” Rick Mc Clure Eclectica n Fusion USA https://www.facebook.com/RickTheRockRadio1670am/

“It’s so theatrical. Full of emotion and drama. You enunciate in a way that it’s powerful to hear the words, the intention clear and concise. I can imagine while listening arm movements pulling at the tides and trees, twining around to lift up their branches higher”. Tracey Perry Expansion of Presence USA https://www.facebook.com/TracysEOP/


“Catherine Meeson is back with a incredible defying & empowering set of music. She has grown and sounds superbly strong in all her elements of her natural self. She is not only channeling a true warrior called ‘Oma’ protecting the earth and its natural surroundings, she is in fact the earth itself in person; ready to fight anyone stupid enough to disrespect her awesome grounds and protégées. She is the ground, the air and the animals & with her very majestic sounding theme song ‘I Am (song of the earth)’ you know she has all under control, as she is richly armed with a full set of self love for Mother Nature’s own world of wonders”. Read more here https://yeahiknowitsucks.wordpress.com/2017/05/05/catherine-meeson-i-am-song-of-the-earth/

Please feel free to forward reviews to me here https://www.catherinemeeson.com/contact/   or here https://www.facebook.com/CatherineMeesonMusic/

Join me here for behind the scenes special offers facebook lives and musings on process https://www.facebook.com/groups/524249187785753/

Thank you to Sarah Corey, Liz Downes, Wendy and Phil, Evan Carr, Ben Smith, Shelley Karutz, Maria Triantos, Ian Haygreen,   Seraya Young, Myki Baillie, Sharon and Sundge, Melanie Brander, Kiri Bear, Gnarnayarrahe Waitairie, and our guests. I look forward to bringing you another event of Artists for Earth in the future.

Over winter my attention turns inwards to revise Mandate of Heaven  to make movie, and finsih some other unfinished business.

P.S You can get I Am (Song of the Earth) at all digital outlets and on bandcamp here

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PLANTING DAYS- Thanks Anthony for coming to help out down the Toolern Creek


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