Live Electronic Musicians of Melbourne- Covered Remixed Release

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Simon Quinn of The Safety Word a Melbourne based dream pop, chill down tempo act says “As Melbourne was in the middle of lock down we thought it would be good to create an album that truly connected our members, in order to do this we put a call out to see who was interested in either covering or remixing each other”

Gavin Dwyer  debuted the whole double  album on Soundcloud on his show Outrageous, We are all super grateful for the support. See the link below, which features introductions from the artists on their tracks and the songs they contributed.  It was debuted on Saturday October 31st.

It is a double album that is very broad in scope as to what is termed electronic. The LEMOM collective has over 1.8K of members. It is a private group on Facebook, made up of Melbourne artists and artists from far afield.

“Born out of a need for like minded musicians looking to score a gig, L.E.M.O.M is a community focused group for all things live electro. What is live electronic music? In the year 2020 that can range from a Modular kit that would make NASA jealous, to a drum machine app on your mobile phone. We are here for anyone at any skill level and pride ourselves on our helpful community and engaged artists.

Our aim is to play a role in strengthening emerging electronic music communities, by promoting local artists helping them find like minded people to play shows with”.


The collective known as L.E.M.O.M (Live Electronic Musicians of Melbourne) are releasing their 2nd double compilation for the year. This time the organisers of the group decided to mix things up a bit. They thought that seeing as Melbourne was in the middle of a pretty intense lockdown it would be a nice idea to create a compilation that involved an element of connection. Each of the seventeen artists featured on this compilation has been paired up with another L.E.M.O.M member. The directive was to either remix or produce a cover of each other’s work. The artists where given complete creative freedom to deconstruct each other’s songs and recreate them as new works of art in their chosen style.

The compilation is split across two albums with the first being mostly instrumental or with minimal vocals, think cluby electronica spanning genres such as tech house, acid techno and breaks titled RED. The second album features the songs that have more of a band feel, spanning genres such as synth pop, indie dance and bedroom electronic titled BLUE.

The money raised from the sale of these albums will be donated to the Nillumbik Youth Theater who are a non-for-profit incorporation operated by youth to provide accessible and inclusive opportunities for people to create and perform theater and other art forms.

Red album features
Another Whiskey – Increment (Gary Franks Remix)
Dream Retriever – The Headmaster (Robodop Snei Remix)
No Time To Say Goodbye – Gary Franks (Increment Remix)
Fall In Love – Purple Zain (James Peden Remix)
Shuffle Up – Robodop Snei (The Headmaster Remix)
Atmospherica – Catherine Meeson (The Safety Word Remix)
Touch – Peter Nigido (Arcane Trickster Remix)
Project Sign – Arcane Trickster (Peter Nigido Remix)


Blue Album features

Emotion Overdrive – Ricky Summers (Leipzig Lab Cover)
Illuminated – I Hate Max (Robots In Love Cover)
Neuroplastic – Pixy Styx (I Hate Max Cover)
London – Robots in Love (Ricky Summers Cover)
Paradigms – The Safety Word (Catherine Meeson Remix)
Lullaby – Me In A Dream (Sleeplab Cover)
Neon Nights – James Peden (Purple Zain Remix)
Self Destruct – Leipzig Lab (Pixy Styx Cover)
New Years Day – Sleeplab (Me In A Dream Cover)
Outrageous Outro

James Peden Music has been promoting the community and artists from further a field with his new Australian Electronic Music Video show on Youtube. There have been 3 so far, featuring various LEMOM members, you’re in for a treat, be sure to check them out, in chronological order. James is open to submissions from artists. The quality of independent work is just stunning. We have a very vibrant community of talented musicians.

Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for more work from all artists involved and support them on bandcamp, socials and youtube.

You can find all the artists involved below, check them out now and support the independent music community.


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