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I am not sure why it took me so long to begin performing these but you are invited to attend. I guess on some levels I was keeping my activities within the healing arts separate from  my  public music persona, but they are all part of me and I always talk about it so I guess it’s time to bring it together. I have a lot of training in transpersonal work, healing and creative arts therapies and music sound health was the topic of my honours thesis ( in slightly different words). I have run a few short day training sessions, but realized what I was offering I was vastly undervaluing my work and myself.

I have never wanted to be pigeon holed in any one genre or musical path and this work is vastly different from my electro folk rock personal expression, though much of the essence and knowledge of my music sound obsession permeates my works. One can see elements of  it on all albums; the more ambient works.

So after many extensive years of research, contemplation and composing, what I provide is a bit different to what is currently out there experienced as ‘sound showers’ or ‘sound meditations’ etc. I bring a deeper underlying life philosophy to the  musical and other soundscape elements that are used. This philosophical and experiential worldview relates to the practitioner training  ‘The Way of Sound’ diploma material that I am developing. I have no idea how long that will take to finish, it is like many albums worth of work rolled into one and lots to consider, but a part of my life work.


An immersive  hour long experience in which you will be transported in your consciousness bodies to where ever it is you will go, akin to shamanic journeying.  Recent feedback from the virgin voyage  included


At this point in time they are confined to my home town but may be able to travel in the future when demand is there.

The next scheduled event is on Saturday September 1st at 7.30pm @ Shamanic Rain healing in Melton, see pic above. Bookings are essential.

Please visit the facebook event wall for more info, facebook

Contact me if you want to come via


Work on the album ‘The Call of Oma’ continues, by necessity there will be ten tracks now. I thought it might be nice to have a refrain from the focused ‘Composers Thoughts on Craft Series’,  as the next one  I have started writing, ‘On space’ is going to be a biggie and I am not sure how academic I want it to be. It takes time to go back over old research to reference things accordingly.

My single ‘Standing There’ , a pop rock radio friendly love song is on pause for now, though all the recording is done unless I get live drums? undecided as yet, further expense. It may or may not be mixed by someone else.

I am in the initial stages of planning the edit required to bring you a complete  audio visual record of my play ‘By The Mandate of Heaven’ which was performed nearly two years ago. The screen play version of that I realise is going to take a long long time and I am only on the second draft, to write screenplay there is much to learn and I really want the message of this work to get to a larger audience it is something someone else has to make and will need other characters written in on a minor level to help it make sense. I still feel it is beyond my abilities, but it was given me so who am I to say no?

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