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Happy Chinese New year of the Earth dog. This year I intend on building the bridge between many aspects of my musical output in the public domain. The Sacred and the profane, introducing my larger body of musical work/ thought; that is infused in most of my communications and musical output to date, but not a focus. We will hone in and focus on specifics.

Over the next  6 months while I compose the new music for The Call of Oma ep/album I will simultaneously launch my ‘Composers Thoughts on Craft’ – Series 1 of blog articles with exclusive content, giveaways and video links for my email subscribers that the public will not be privvy too. so be sure to sign up here

Topics for series 1 include On Melody, On Harmony, On Rhythm, On Form, On Instrumentation, On Timbre, On Time, On Space, On History, On Inspiration,  On Improvisation, On Intention, On Conceptualisation, On Studiocraft, On Social Norms, On Philosophy. Stay tuned for 1. On Melody

At this time I cannot put an e.t.a on The Call of Oma as it is in formation. 4 songs/ compositions are completed but there is another 5 sections to write. It is a concept album with a narrative exploring the distant forgotten past of humanity, a parallel timeline through the eyes and storytelling of the ancient clan mother from the north Oma. The Call of Oma as a theatrical work was presented last year on Earth day with video, and a performance in character to launch I Am (Song of the Earth), it is a harvesting of the inspiration that went into that show and taking it to the next level. So in fact what was birthed through my major musical performance art and video output over the last couple of years with my play Mandate of Heaven and the live performance of Call of Oma has informed the concept album. for background context go here

It has been a while since I had much time to compose or was in the compositional creative cycle. There have been new songs and there are many unfinished, it is nice to get back to creative process. For works to come to completion is a multi tiered process, Creation, Refinement, Production, Release, Launch and promotion and of course the cost, one has to save.

Other news- I have compiled 30 years of lyrics, both released and unreleased, finished and unfinished and will be publishing a book ‘All Alone Out at Sea- Waxing Lyrical’ of those sometime in 2018, it charts both the depths and heights of my life journey over 30 years, plenty of stuff to relate to. It shows  how music really was my saving grace and it is my hope in sharing that you can find solace, and inspiration also. It will have some select musical photography and lyrical images as well as video links and  links to purchase. Look out for more info on that, later in the year.

2018 will also feature the offer  for Musical Mentoring for other musicians. If interested please message me here . 2018 will aslo see my Music and Sound in the Healing Arts training for practitioners of the healing arts as well as live Sound Bath journeys come forth. Look out for info on both of those things here, or contact me here

Do reach out anytime I’d love to hear from you!

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