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Eagerly awaiting the day I can go get a new mic, if all goes well in next few weeks. A huge thank you to family for their support for this album it means the world to me. I have to re do a few things for Contemplating Buddha. I have guitar takes I want to capture , amp mic’d up. I have some additional bass parts I want to add to a few tracks. Hopefully only one more resubmit for pre mastering and then I can crowdfund for a wee bit extra, hope you can help me and then wammo it will be done. Cd art is done. I’m ready to hit publish on my dvd. If anyone is interested in working with me on video I’d love to hear from you, there is some political stuff on this one I would like to portray.

Musical reflections from within studio walls

Musical reflections from within studio walls

I am feeling like an expectant mum again just labouring over this third album. We hit autumn equinox solar eclipse tomorrow….the crickets are keeping me company as the sun goes down…..they have to be the most relaxing creatures on earth…..After this one there will be a few eps, and maybe single releases , they don’t cost as much to produce.

Just wanting to tune in for a while. I have a new tune called Rainbow Bridge (across the deep blue ocean ) which is partly a commission but I have resurrected it and arranged/composed the whole thing from a verse and few base chords and guiding melody. It is a nice tune. Very spacious ambient alternative new agey. Some nice guitar work with ebow and the Big Sky pedal…..but again  I want to record takes from an amp not soundcard.

I invite reviews from anyone who has listened to Atmospherica  and to send them to me please via Comments or contact form,  any comments I can use ‘on record’ in promotions. And do share my work with your friends if you think they’ll like it. I am grateful for the airplay I’ve had so far, got to keep building momentum and work on marketings and networking.

Melody sails solo, but mate she could do with a good crew? anyone keen to step on board the Windcatcher with me……you never know where she may sail………what treasures await! xx CM

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