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It has been a good month since I sat to work on the album, and it is good to have a break for perspective. I had the pleasure of going to see one of my musical hero’s works played by The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra- Master John Williams score for The Empire Strikes Back and what an experience. It reminds me of the early days of cinema where they talk about pit musicians with silent films. Live music just cannot be beaten and it was my first symphony orchestra experience. The musicianship was impeccable. I even spoke to the conductors after their Art of The Score – Pre Concert Talk  talk about leitmotifs and Williams approach to creating compelling musical themes for each of his characters, I don’t know why I never thought about it like that, but Hans Zimmer has a similar approach.  So inspiration for me big time, with George Lucas masterful storytelling. I regard John Williams within my top five musical artists to have influenced me  deeply, unconsciously absorbing his work all my life from my early childhood has given me a great musical education. So now I feel freshly inspired and invigorated to get back to work. 

Here are a few pictures


The older I get the more in awe I am at the great classical masters masterpieces and contemporary film composers though I really must spend more time listening. As a self produced independent I appreciate the skill, dedication and many layers of work that went into bringing the public such completed works. Inspiration is the rain that brings new life, the gift of the gods for us mere mortals, to  enlighten the mind and inspire the heart. To ‘Inspire’ is to breath life into, and I consider myself extremely blessed to receive so much inspiration though it takes time to bring to completion. I cannot imagine a greater purpose in life that to weave filaments of space time into magnificent sonic marvels creating thought provoking and mind expanding work, well at least I hope to!

Over X-Mas new years I will record the vocals and than start listening with multiple sets of ears to finish and finesse the composition, timing accuracy, parts, density of arrangements, levels, pans  effects and automations etc. Once they are essentially in place then I can critically listen, the more you listen the more you hear with sound. This process no doubt will be dozens and dozens of hours.  The music tends to take one on a journey as it seeks to be complete. Then it gets to a point where it is enough and one must give the musical bird wings to fly out of the nest on it’s own so others may appreciate its beauty. 

How I wish I had the time, patience and inclination to really learn about orchestras and scoring even if to just be able to produce arrangements of some of the work I have already written. I really need to get back to finishing a lot of other work too, I am itching, but this baby must be finished first. Wishing everyone a safe and blessed festive season, you can read the other Composers thoughts series here 


A reminder I have two dates  coming up where I will be doing my electro rock stuff in my home town  details here, 31st December 11-2 and 30th of January 11-2pm

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