I Am Woman Watch Me Roar- Ivy Lucille

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I am grateful for the response from fellow women in music to the theme exploring unconscious bias in the music industry. Who would have known that 2020 would prove such a challenging year all around the world?. So, solidarity and the platform to share each others work, express honestly and passionately couldn’t be more needed. Everyone is affected by Covid. Musicians and artists, the television and film industries cannot operate as per usual, it is indeed a sad state of affairs, but we will make it through this together and the value of art and culture in voicing the human condition will continue to shine on.


Briefly describe your role in Music? (eg songwriter producer dj, radio, manager, engineer, all rounder etc) 

I feel like an expressionist. A vessel to receive the gifts of the cosmos. A big part of my artistry is as a songwriter but I am also a performance artist/producer. I feel very multifaceted in the world of music and art. I guess I’m an all rounder!

How long have you been engaged in your musical journey?

I have been engaged in my musical journey since a very young age. I started playing violin when I was ten. I was always singing as a little girl but from the age of about fifteen I really felt the calling to become a singer songwriter.

In what ways has unconscious bias (sexism or other) affected you personally?

In many ways I have been affected. I have never really felt relaxed or able to work with men or even women sometimes so I work independently mostly. I have never felt able to fit into the patriarchal systems. The music industry for example was something I was trying and hoping to fit into, but as time goes on, I realise I have to be true to myself and my path, which is more one of spirituality and might not necessarily fit into a system or an industry.

What do you feel women need the most to thrive in the current social and musical climate? 

Women need to feel equal, respected and supported. We have always been misunderstood and made to feel like we are less than. Social conditioning has taught us to tame our wildest selves, not to follow our intuition and not to listen to our emotions. All so we can fit into a man’s world. It’s time for women to rise up and to be completely honoured in who we are. A beautiful indigenous elder recently said that we have been in the Grandfather age for a very long time but now we are in the Grandmother Age. It’s all about goddess consciousness now.

Why are you sharing this song?

I love the topic of this interview “I am woman watch me roar”. I chose to share this video ” Death Song” because I feel it has a sort of roar to it. In this song I am expressing the fierce depths of my heart. The song is about the old self dying. The shedding of the old skin and an old paradigm. The lyrics speak of the wounds of the crushed feminine. Hope you enjoy 🙂

What has been the greatest obstacle you have had to overcome on your musical path?

My biggest obstacle has definitely been myself and still is. I am learning every day how to be authentic in my expression and how to receive the gifts that are wanting to come through. It is taking many years to slowly break through the layers of conditioning and control which I feel do not serve. I have struggled mentally and emotionally since a young age. Quite often I feel like an artist with so many gifts locked in a prison cell of my own. I have felt overburdened emotionally for many years and the feeling is so heavy sometimes its hard to even create or get anything done. This burden is my greatest gift and from this place of struggle I have written some of my best songs. At the end of the day I think it comes down to self love, knowing your worth and believing in your abilities. This is something I am still integrating.

What is unique about a woman’s voice, and approach that is so desperately needed in music today?

It’s always especially been a battle for women in music. There is a lack of equality. We’ve had to fight for our place. We have been judged and misunderstood and we still are. Woman’s voices are so important right now more than ever. It’s the time of the divine feminine to rise and to be seen and felt in all of her glory. She is the missing link. Without her there is imbalance. A woman’s voice is unique because she is a divine connection of mother energy. She has the ability to connect deep with her ancient thread of goddess energy. It’s so important as women to keep sharing our stories, our truth, and reclaim our space and our worth.

Do you have any advice for young women or others in the early stages of their musical exploration/ journey?

My advice for young women is to spend time nurturing yourself and your craft. It’s so important to have a good relationship with yourself and a positive inner dialogue. Spend time in nature developing your connection with the divine. Allow your wildest self to dance and to run free. Know that you are a warrior. Always follow your heart. Don’t be afraid of your own power. Surrender to your infinite expansion within and allow yourself to express every part of you. Don’t take yourself too seriously!

Thank you Ivy, your voice echoes many other women who have spoken thus far, on the divine feminine. Be sure to check out Ivy’s work, visit her website and socials




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