Space is the Place- Visiting the cosmos via music

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My love of space began as a child, in the realm of dreams and as I watched the moon chase us in the car, you know like it does for all children. I enjoy panoramic vistas, the sort that can never be adequately captured  by camera in quite the same way as the brilliance of the human instruments, the eyes.

I have a  love of space, both as a place which features  the vast mystery of creation and of space as an element within music. As a place I endeavour to  simulate a sense of  it acoustically to  enhance the perception/ creation  of place which makes its way into the music. I present for you three tracks that present space, one off each release. There are others which I also mention here. These are what they were for me, they may not hold that same imagery for you. That is for you to decide.

On Revolution Complete I presented Visitations, which was also the first home video I did with NASA imagery. NASA is an unofficial creative partner, with their generous creative commons licensing. Here is the video for Visitations.

Visitations explores the scenario of otherworldly visitors and contact both on and beyond earth. This theme of contact and visitations is very strong on Revolution Complete which you can purchase here.

Link to Revolution Complete to purchase

On that same album Going somewhere, It hovered over the marshes and Communications out at Sea explore contact scenarios sonically and with some narrative. Communications out at Sea was featured in a special interview on Radio Adelaide’s Out of This World.

Now we move into the present past and future tense simultaneously leading up the the release of Atmospherica. My dad used to say to me our galaxy is just like an atom on a giant, and visualisations like these paint that picture exactly, brilliantly, how wonderful. In Ancient Egypt the universal body was the body of the goddess Nut.

Perseus System courtesy  Science@NASA

Perseus System courtesy Science@NASA

So now imagine you are an interstellar visitor travelling through space at warp speed.  I have two musical tracks of this scenario, one off Atmospherica, called Hyperspace, in which you are the flight crew of the craft. There are two others which also deal with space themes The Impending- The Arrival and Atmospherica. On Contemplating Buddha  you are the passengers stepping off your flight from the Perseus system for vital signs analysis in the track Bio-station 8767. We also explore the vastness of the Dark Rift Edge Of Eternity.  Hyperspace you can hear as soon as I release Atmospherica  and Bio-station when Contemplating Buddha comes out next year.

A Graphic demonstrating Earth- Universal perspective

I have also opened the way for comments. I welcome your communications.


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