Musical Infusions

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Are like a  good tea

Much beauty grows out of the region we call the Orient

It has penetrated my dreams and made me walk in parallel , bringing back treasure from my consciousness expeditions. ‘Oriental Temple Gardens Complex’ is such a treasure and so is ‘Monks in the Belltower’ which is a track off the soon to be released Atmospherica. The philosophy of the Ancients is profound, timeless and echoes loudly through the valleys of history. It seeks new ears, it whispers new ways… winds, meanders  and passes, like water through one’s hands ….like wind, through one’s hair…….it says….Go With the Flow….listen to the Tao. Find the way. Walk It.


Music is both mast and sail

That takes you where words do fail

It is the ship of the soul

On a stormy sea

The compass of certainty

The anchor to dock at bay

The medicine to help one’s pain

Music is the master key

To set  the soul and spirit free

Catherine Meeson   17.7.2014

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