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Creativity Coaching- Musician/Artist Specific Coaching

What is Creativity Coaching?

Creativity Coaching is ‘Artist Specific Coaching’ or ‘Creative Practice Specific Coaching’.

Creativity Coaching specializes in matters related to art form, craft, the person/ artist/band (in a musical context) and their place in the world.


  • Are you an Artist / Creative of any one of the many disciplines, needing creative direction, a bit of  a push, inspiration, help overcoming blocks, re-vitalization or nurturance?
  • Is the “Creator Within” you struggling  to create? Whatever is getting in the way of the ‘creator within’ I can help you work through it.
  • Do you need a hand to do what you do best Create? Whatever your discipline or field, the aim is to assist you.
  • Creativity Coaching can help with all aspects affecting ones creative life, and the manifestation of your dreams, so you can do what you do best and live the creative life that you always desired.

Coaching for Visual Artists, Writers, Musicians, Digital Artists, Performers, Dancers  etc., the art form does not matter, the Intention does and your will to commit to your work and journey. Being an artist in today’s world is no easy task. We all need as much help as we can get. My services in this capacity are as guide, not therapist though we may touch on deeper terrains as we explore Creativity Coaching, the two roles are not to be confused. Creative Therapies are a different approach altogether as is personal arts coaching and teaching. In essence they are all related but the hat varies in how I am able to serve you.

What we unearth and explore is very much the material of ones life, ones journey and aspirations. This is only a beginning point, a step on the road to aid your journey and the practice of your craft. It is my intent to help you be the best creator you can be, authentic and  well grounded so you can go ahead and live and celebrate the life you choose  to live, creatively.​

Writers, Musicians, Artists, Sculptors, Performance Artists, Crafts Persons, Inventors, Landscapers, Actors, Technicians. If you practice any art form or discipline on any level, for joy, a hobby or on a professional level; if you require assistance, you may benefit from one on one coaching. Broaden your vision of what is possible for you and take your work to the next level, whatever that may be for you! From hobbyist to Professional, From Professional to Teacher, from craft maker to Market, Landscaper to amazing garden designs. If you create in any way, this coaching is about creativity, process, problems and pathways. It is general and yet specific; because you will work on your work (not the creating) but the all else that relates to it, that is so necessary to take your work wherever you want it to be and live the life you desire.

Dr. Maisel explains:
“As I practice it and envision it, creativity coaching is one person offering soup-to-nuts help to another person who is trying to live a successful creative life. The creative client may have career concerns, creative blocks, psychological issues, relationship issues, or existential and spiritual crises, and may face a gamut of challenges that come from wanting and needing to create. A creativity coach expects all of this and is ready for all of this.”

Experience the support and space to develop your ideas and work, whether the seasoned artist or hobbyist.
Be held in your creative life.

I can help you  get you reflecting on your creative life, the issues and dimensions related to it, and ‘all that affect your personal practice’.  Whether you are a seasoned professional or hobbyist or a master crafts-person; my hope is that there will be things that we explore, that will serve to deepen your work and the commitment you have to your creative life.

What you express, what you need is what will guide the coaching specifically.



  • Inner and outer aspects of the Creative Life
  • Support to develop work
  • Sound boarding objectivity
  • World bridging and practicalities
  • Voice methods and style
  • Blockages and resistances
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Trauma & Loss
  • Medical issues impeding creativity
  • Meaning and purpose
  • Goals and accountability
  • Internal Conflict
  • Creative thinking and action
  • Innovation & Inspiration
  • Healing and recovering creative potential!
  • Anything that impacts ones creative life, one’s Self and ones  work in the World. 


“Just like inspiration is a delicate process, so too is the essence of Catherine’s contribution to the creative endeavour. She has the knack of drawing our surprising insights whilst you are musing about your work. I have found myself revealing more of my personal myth because Catherine makes me stop and listen to what I am articulating about my process. She has proved invaluable and I will continue to seek her Creativity coaching input in the future”.Julie Zapasa Visual Artist, Australia

“Catherine never ceases to amaze me with her perceptions and insights and coaching ability on where I am in my writing process.  She is very insightful, bringing together who I am and how that fits with any type of project I am working on.  Her questions for me to explore about who I am both as a person and writer always lead to greater insights and clarity and a better quality and development of my work.  I am extremely grateful for her coaching abilities and support”.Toby Sloane, Boston, MA, Entrepreneur, USA

“Catherine and I met in 2009 at Victoria University. I am a musician and songwriter and the aim of the coaching was to help me work through typical issues and obstacles that can become apparent in the creative life.  Catherine has helped me with issues related to performance, writers block and working through obstacles that have appeared during the production of my album.  Her positive influence, belief and support has been a welcomed presence. Catherine has a comprehensive understanding of the creative spirit being a creative individual herself.  She always listens to issues raised, is positive and makes suggestions as to what might help.  With her extensive background in counselling and healing I recommend her to any creative individual seeking guidance and support with their creative endeavours”.

Megan Hall, B.A Music Technology, Victoria University

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In 2010 I did the Introductory & Advanced training with Eric adding to my skill sets (Adv Dip Music, Dip’s Transpersonal Counselling & Art Therapy, Bachelor Creative Industries (hons) ). Eric is a leading voice in creative arts practice, mental health and empowerment for creatives, as both writer and psychologist. You can find out about Eric here

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