GrAce EnTErs a StAge

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Who is this being called Grace?…..Grace is a character, whom only in the last week was named. She was responsible for doing a blessing for Acts Of Love Sacred Connections  at Knox community Arts Centre. Her ‘Act of Love’ was both soundscape and  prose followed by song, all mixed in with blessings and invocations to the divine mother for the healing of women and the world.


The Graces also relate to ancient Greek archetypal qualities, and daughters three of Zeus, personifications of beauty.

We are told grace is a state of divine dispensation where we receive – we bare into our soul – our cup; offerings.

The grail is a sacred symbol going back in many cultures, the Celtic legends of King Arthur, the cup that caught Christs blood as he was crucified;  as is the bowl, chalice, cauldron etc. They are  all symbols for the divine feminine. The Cup that receives, the cup that holds the waters  essence-whether bitter or sweet, the offerings of life whether good or bad. The waters of life.

Grace and the Grail  Ipad

Grace overshadowed by White Tara and The Earth

Acts of Love was a collaborative journey whereby the women and men involved engaged in their own alchemical rites transforming the poisonous cup of concepts and stories of abuse, trauma and tragedy into hope healing and affirmations of the Sacred via their art form. Each year Anjali Sengupta and Embracing Spirit  a collective of volunteer artists have offered events, (for the last three years) to raise funds for women. The first event in 2013 was the Goddess Within where I dressed as the Old Beggar Woman Crone in Beggar Woman Wails for the World of Women and also did a musical performance. You can check that out here from Doncaster Playhouse. Beggar Woman Wails for the World of Women- Doncaster Playhouse I was not involved last year. But both years were for benefit of the Art to Healing Project an innovative holistic and creative arts based  transformational program run by Atira Tan helping the women of Asia reclaim their lives and dignity from sexual exploitation.

Acts of Love was organised by Anjali Sengupta of Aatma Dance Company and brought together diverse artists, of spoken word, song, performance art, many types of dance, circus, hoola hoop, martial arts, and visual arts to help raise awareness and generate dialogue around issues that affect women, sexual violence, abuse, domestic violence and trauma; not just in third world countries, but also in the west, where the shadows of social stigma and pain often prevent healing and recovery.

Video Coming soon.


Grace Raising the Bowl to receive  blessings

Grace offered the following words-

In the beginning

was the womb

the spirit moved 

over the waters of creation

and life was dreamed into being

Cosmic Grace-C.Meeson Music

Between Here and There

Head and Heart

Between Here and there

Womb and Heart

Between him and her

You and me 

Us and them 

Now and Then

Are the timeless threads

that bind all kind together.

In the creation of lives and culture

We weave our way

Many faces many stories

One and the same


Keeper of the grail

Bearer of Grace  

© Catherine Meeson 2015

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