The landing in Sonic Sanctuary Land

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In a way all voyages are solo escapades, we may have a companion for a while to ride along with but ultimately life is a solo affair. Contemplating Buddha is like part b of Atmospherica, traveling the same timelines exploring similar themes, but it has more guitar presence. I did consider releasing as a double album but that was just too friggin big for me.  You will have to wait and see, I’ll give snippets in a Crowdfunding campaign soon. The landing is the most stable part of this whole affair, but the earth is constantly shifting under ones feet, the waters are ever changing with the tides, as new considerations and conditions come to light, new relationships to forge, new tasks to do.

Winter is going to be busy is the Sonic Sanctuary lands, finishing off what needs to be done. New mic is ready to use. Am finding it very difficult juggling the many hats one has to wear and exploring all the different territories related to releasing. If only there were a manual, a planned structured how to do. Really, getting work out there depends on cash, I am researching costings to outside help to see what is financially viable, and it leaves me looking like a stunned mullet over the $ tags. The hardest bit also I think is timing, planning, & organizing. I had no idea when I set out in my merry little Windcatcher to make for shore what I would have to do to get there.

I’ve slipped the Ascent for the Eastern Sunrise clip in again cause that is what this all feels like for me, jumping out of a plane over and over again. I wish it could of been me in the clip, maybe I can do another one sometime. I wish I had lots of money and a production company, then the creative spirit could take full flight as director and one could just allocate jobs to ones buddies.

People give up because of the monumental effort and funds involved in bringing things to completion. It is a labour of love. My songs, my tunes are my children, I have to nurture them so they live, I have said this before. It would be nice to bring you a more poetic blog, but I am not in that space I am trying to rewire my brain so it can do lefty tasks. Some people spend money on houses and cars, for me it is feeding my musical children now days. For me it is also fumbling along going oh ok, yep right, ah hu I’ll do that I’ll consider that. Bit by bit.

Today is just a day to play, forget everything else for a while. So till next Musing, long way to go yet,  with love xx

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