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‘Atmospherica’ is a divine delve into stratospheric realms of intergalactic exploration from the perspective of the Divine Feminine, linking present, past & future into one whole, communicating lifetimes & timelines & ancient/future memories. Delivered with crystalline clarity & sonic precision, this musicial offering invites the listener to become one with, & a co-creator of, the Creative Now, especially with the track “What will it be?” The music weaves & travels throughout numerous sacred terrains, reawakening and activating memory of the soul’s origins (of some), as well as the long journeying from ‘there’ (the beginning) to ‘here’ (present time/space).

             Majestic emotional ambient soundscapes are interwoven with skill & precision, creating intriguing, mysterious, otherworldly anthems & multi-layered ‘space tracks’ which explore sonic space depths, taking the listener through space. There is also uplifting, celebratory, revolutionary pop (such as in ‘Ascent for the Eastern Sunrise’), which is very danceable & relevant, & a holy sacred theme as well (such as in “Monks in the Bell Tower”).

              Overall the effect (of the soundscapes created) is awe-inspiring and transcendent, with clear strong vocals literally lifting one into Heaven. There is truth in this music, the truth that needs to be heard. The album comes to rest in the finale in the sacred waters of the deep ocean, where, it seems, another, different, more personal journey is begun ~ the journey of the knowledge & evolution of the soul’s ancestors, the journey of rich emotions & impressions of the (human) Spirit (as differentiated from the ET space travelers & explorers). This could be described as the eternal, ever-evolving journey of the ancient water-travellers, the Nordic Celtic Viking ancestors of old whose quests live on in the souls & DNA of many of us (who are descendents of these).

                 ‘Atmospherica’ is an intense, activating, moving, uplifting & profound journey that is well worth the time to experience. It will enrich one’s soul, as I’m sure it enriched the soul of the person who created it. I look forward to the next musical journey that is the follow-on from this.

For me it is amazing for someone to pick up on the track and trail that did not end up on the album The Vikings track, which features at least in part in my Atmospherica Contemplating Studio Sessions Dvd for Crowdfuding. I wrote it before the Vikings series came out. Thanks for a fantastic moving review Please send them through if you weant to review it I would be happy to receive them. Send to

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