Pre Crowdfunding Message

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I made this a wee while ago now, not anticipating just how long processes can take, delays for Atmospherica. Anyways, here is a message from me in more than 2 dimensional words. As soon as Atmospherica is launched in the public domain, I am going to ask for funds, to produce number three, Contemplating Buddha  not heaps but a helping hand is needed. I have told you all this before on facebook.  There is again another whole albums worth of tunes and songs beyond number three, some I have played out there, some I have not, some have incarnations online some do not.

It is all coming bit by bit, to the best of my ability.

So hear yey hear yey hear yey listen laugh and remember I am counting on you, without one of those dippy American Revolution Uncle Sam posters.

Catherine Meeson Pre Crowdfunding appeal and creative process

special pre album release coming soon………….surprise shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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