Butterfly Effect

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I miss my guitar: So  While My guitar Gently weeps has always spoken to me about the love and conflict relations one can have with ones music.  The Beatles were full of soul. The music itself is not troublesome but more the life bit. The stuff that prevents your dreams, your plans from coming to fulfillment, the great forge I like to call it. All artists know, it’s the archetypal stuff, the existential stuff.

I don’t just pick the guitar up like I used to and I am going to make a firm resolve to change this. It is what has always been there for me, apart from the years of not having one (thefts/ life), I never stopped writing lyrics. These days its mainly because so many energies are going in to production stuff and with so much musical material it is overwhelming. So we are getting there bit by bit.

Emergence lyrics and music Catherine Meeson 2007

Emergence lyrics and music Catherine Meeson 2007

Here is a lyric sheet of the Song Emergence and a Video of a little clip I made down the Gorge of an Emergence. Butterfly effect and all that jazz.

These songs are meant for a band and I have books full of them, and lots more just sketches, so much work to honour. I realized the other day talking to a friend they are my babies and they are starving babies, and by not completing them and setting them free I am causing myself grief. So enjoy this demo recording just stripped back guitar and voice, of Emergence written 2007, recorded 2009.

CM 21.8.2014

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