A syStem oF MeaSuRe

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 act 1 Bodhisattva and the A-bomb-i-nation

act 2 A System of Measure

act 3 It’s Just the Way it is!

boddhisattvatopA Complex 3 part performance work is taking shape which  is covering a vast territory  of humanity through time. I don’t know If I can pull this off. Part play, part Improvisation , part installation art, video and no doubt probably some music to go with it, multi character costume changes…….Holy shit. Yes shit is holy indeed, all the worlds shit makes for a good topic for the provocateur.

A Narrator may begin

The specimens of the oneness disappear,

Under the shroud of the cloud.

That known as the great destroyer,

comes to lay waste.

It discriminates not.

It is delivered with cold calculated precision,

A curious spectacle of look-

Look and see what we can do.

Since its inception,

The atomic age,

Of the great scientific revolution,

Has changed the face of the earth.

Terra has been  formed  and forced,

Shaped and mutilated,

Used and degraded,

With a manner that assumes,

It will always be.

Great Mother provider,

source of sustenance for all life upon the earth.

What say She?

Look then in the mirror,

What will the toll be,

In this age of global insanity? © Catherine Meeson Gisborne 10.6.2015

A system of Measure


An Official from the Imperial Courts of Weights and Measures of Ancient China pays a visit. the official will open the scrolls, take the accounts and keep the records.

We may share more glimpses into the early days of this journey. suffice it to say tis will be a huge undertaking equal to an album or ep in effort.


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