I Am Woman Watch Me Roar- Cheryl Janzen of Vague Notion

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This weeks blog takes us all the way to the magnificent lands of Nelson, British Columbia to meet Cheryl Janzen, who writes, records, produces and performs with her husband Bevan as Vague Notion. I first met Cheryl on an Electronic artists network called Electronomicon on facebook managed out of Melbourne by Troy Masters, a worldwide collective of artists and independent radio folk.

Introducing Cheryl Janzen.

Briefly describe your role in Music? (eg songwriter producer dj, radio, manager, engineer, all rounder etc)
I am a flute player first, as I joined the school band in grade 3. My band teacher called my mother and encouraged her to get me into piano lessons as she saw that I had a natural affinity for music.  In my 20’s I attended a professional music college for flute but quickly discovered that I loved singing and performing more. I joined a rock band and I haven’t stopped since. Songwriting came later for me and with the advent of software that was accessible to the lay person, I began producing and songwriting with my husband and here we are today as Vague Notion.

How long have you been engaged in your musical journey?
From a very young age as you read above. My father was a musician so I fell asleep many nights to his band rehearsing in the basement. My 4 brothers all play guitar and sing and one of my brothers took me under his wing in my teen years. I was in his band as a vocalist and flautist. Fun times.

In what ways has unconscious bias (sexism or other) affected you personally?
In my years playing in cover bands I experienced both inclusion and respect and the opposite of that. One of the reasons I ventured into a duo act with my husband is because it is here that inclusion and respect are boundless [ beautiful that’s what we want, team work].

Why you are sharing this video?

This is the newest video made my me called Invisible Man. On Halloween we will be releasing a new video for our latest single…‘Shadow Talk’

What do you feel women need the most to thrive in the current social and musical climate?
A strong backbone! Never give up attitude.

What has been the greatest obstacle you have had to overcome on your musical path?
My own self loathing and doubt.

What is unique about a women’s voice, and approach that is so desperately needed in music today?
I think every person’s voice is unique actually. I think more than ever the world needs people being creative and sharing that.

Do you have any advise for young women or others in the early stages of their musical exploration/ journey?
Just keep going. Don’t give up. Practice, practice ,practice so you are honing your craft/gift. If you love it and it feeds your soul, keep going.

Website https://vaguenotion1.bandcamp.com/music

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Thank you so much Cheryl, for lending your voice, I wish you all the best with your new work and partnership, much success.

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