Journeys through the timeline

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Today I release the first single off Atmospherica,Journeys through the timeline’. It is a story of ice and cold , of long long ago, of an age when spear in hand, power in the thighs, and instinct was all that kept one  alive. When following the cycles of the sun and moon, the seasonal ebb and flow was the difference between life and death.

The video portrays  an arctic expanse from the window of a plane. I am indebted for all my work to NASA’s generous creative commons licensing. Thank you NASA. It was as close as I could get  to show what I was seeing whilst writing the work. Imagine in the mountains within the clip a cave that descended a little way into the earth and beyond that a little way, in the retreating landscape, the arctic tundra, for miles and miles. Eventually one gets to dense forest , pine type trees, that are able to withstand the arctic winter. This song grew out of the musical timbre of the drop like sounds at the start, with the minimalist melody . It reminded me of icicles  and the sound of  ice tunnel reverb. It is a pining for the north, where I come from, an instinctual transmission, a remembrance.

Available for a limited time as a free download. Video available on You Tube for streaming. Please enjoy, and please support me as an artist, all my work is totally independent, self produced work.



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