Feeling like the “weeping woman’ Picasso painting

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I remember being at school when it was stolen. I recall feeling why does it look all cubed and distorted and strange, but then I was a child. Still in art class in grade six we got to do our own Weeping Woman (progressive teacher). I quite enjoyed it. Would make a superb mask for Greek tragedy

It captures well the essence of sheer torment. Some of my teachers over the years have said “oh don’t include anything  negative, bla bla, you’re not very good at that, bla bla”. Well so what, I give things a go, where are your works?. I believe in realism, I believe in scars and warts and all the faces people like to hide, cause that; that  is where the juicy stuff is, that is what drives art a lot of the time.

If only I could harness the precision of line from one of Picasso’s masterful works and translate it into a successful musical strategy. Save a bucket load of tears, ” Petition- Save the Weeping Woman…….!” funds deposit to help fund auditory hallucinations manifestation in the form of a compact disc! oooh!

the original Weeping Woman- Pablo Picasso

All paid up but still not enough. I got my cookies, I got my colours, a few extra bux will allow me to print 100 cds and get some off to radio ( if accepted, the AMRAP DEAL sphiel thing.  It’s hard really hard doing things yourself. I got no help. I can’t think of everything, I’m doing the best I can. Work like mine, is a never never land; while trash sells a dime a dozen. Such is life.  It could all run a lot quicker, a lot smoother with some cashflow injections into the mainframe. But got to save me pennies, few at a time…………….

I got a surprise  Award coming for Oriental Temple Gardens Complex, thesis work, so that’s going to pay for half, must be doing something right?.

Two paintings have been done towards Contemplating Buddha crowdfunding kitty, but Atmospherica must come first. Crazy I have not written anything new for close to a year it’s all back catalog, and it is starting to drive me nuts.

Synergy last minute gig was good, have some video to edit and share.

I have two nice videos to help launch Atmospherica and just have to do the planning, &  research, learn to think rationally gig , (growing brain cells in the test tube right now for implantation).

Will look into a donate button, for any who may like to be so kind as to help me out!

After trying to sign in here for an hour to communicate with you, adios amigos,  cloudy sunset walk in the rain is in order. CM

Image courtesy of Google search National Gallery of Victoria whom coincidentally have  a great gallery wide feature exhibit called ‘Art as Therapy’, that it is as all creatives know well!

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