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Catherine Meeson is proud to announce the release of her fourth album ‘The Call of Oma’, an epic electro orchestral concept album featuring the songs I Am (Song of the Earth) and Come Back. The Call of Oma’s musical mythology takes us beyond the veils of prehistory, to remembrances of a previous high civilisation that was wiped out by successive major cataclysms reducing the human race to “mere children playing with bones”. Referencing global mythologies, archaeological findings and earth sciences, Catherine weaves a fantastical tale about deep time through Oma the Ancient clan mother the endearing central character. Oma bares a prophetic and timely warning of what may come again. She calls us to be “Guardians of the Earth, flowers of our ancestral tree”

In theme with previous releases from Earth day 2017 (I Am (Song of the Earth) and World Oceans day 2019 (Come Back), The Call of Oma will be released on 11th December on World Mountains day to highlight the environmental ethos of the album and its core message to look after what we’ve got, and rise to protect all life on Earth. Mountains are places of scared pilgrimage and mythos the world over and are of critical importance to the world’s hydrology cycle. The glaciers and snowy peaks feed the worlds rivers and have been the cradle that all civilisations were built upon. From the heights of the world, we see all things beyond, with clear vision and perspective.

You can purchase it directly from me at Bandcamp  with production booklet which contains narration, this is not repeat not available at other digital outlets or streaming services. the Call of Oma book is exclusive to bandcamp.

Please check other digital outlets for the album it will be available everywhere and on streaming services. The launch is one month out details below.


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