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Earth Day April 22nd theme this year is Environmental and Climate Literacy

“Education is the foundation for progress. We need to build a global citizenry fluent in the concepts of climate change and aware of its unprecedented threat to our planet. We need to empower everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defense of environmental protection.

Environmental and climate literacy is the engine not only for creating green voters and advancing environmental and climate laws and policies but also for accelerating green technologies and jobs”.

Earth Day Network http://www.earthday.org/earthday/


What exactly is Climate anyway? It depends on what lens you use to reflect. Climate as ‘the general sense of atmosphere’, climate as ‘a distinct set of conditions of weather and regional biome’, or relating to ‘public opinion’. I want people to reflect on all meanings and resonances for they are all pertinent. The ancient daoists understood well, the links between heaven and earth and the actions of humanity in influencing the balance of all things.

My purpose for this event is to Create a Space and forum for creative reflection, contemplation and celebration, to bring people together and to permission responsiveness and compassion. To raise awareness of Earth day itself as a point of focus for larger environmental issues relating to all life on earth. We can not divorce our actions from their affects on all species and since those other species do not speak as we humans do, it means we have to speak for them, to remember that and their right to be. All life is sacred and everything is dependent upon each other, each specie is necessary for the life of the other. Too often with these things is what we term the anthropocene focus, the domination of it being only relative to human endeavour, when in fact ‘we’ are but a tiny part. Here is where the balance needs re dressing; our civilization, our way of life, is corroding the very foundation for life itself, and soon it will be beyond the point of no return for many. Well it already is regarded as the 6th Great Extinction. Irreversible change is upon the face of the planet. And all we are concerned about is economics, industries, policies, voters and laws. We have it all backwards. We are bound by universal relationships and ethics whether we realise or not.

We want so much to control our climate now, in our new flashy cars and air conditioning when what we need to control is our impulses and desire nature, do you see the irony of Climate Change? and yes I too am amongst these people before you call me hypocrite. What  we have had air conditioning since the 80’s? we lived hundreds of thousands of years without it, and the same for fossil fuels, humanity has ridden out many dark nights and Ice ages without pillaging the planet to complete break down. The balance of species over the face of the planet has morphed and changed as it does. The systems of Earth balance themselves. Climate Change will be an accelerated accommodation and balancing of  expedited human and natural processes. Climate influences flora fauna but flora fauna influences climate. If we kill everything what do we expect, a desert?

Our environment is always a reflection of our self. the waters reflect our deep unconscious and emotional life. The air our mind. The fire our spirit and desire nature and the Earth our corporeal form. We can not divorce ourselves from planet earth, from the basic elements of life, the answers do not lay in transhumanism genetic engineering , technology and other abuses of knowledge, but within in the realm of consciousnesses and relation. Enlightened consciousnesses and balanced relation will create nothing but balanced relations.

So the audience are invited to meet Oma, a Root Race Guardian and ancient Clan mother from the north and hear the tales of what happened to humanity  before, what could come again!

I have a few radio interviews on: Wednesdy 12th on 979 fm at 11am listen in live stream via here http://www.979fm.com.au/

the Wednesday before on The Sustainable Hour at 11am on Wednesday 19th April, tune in here http://www.947thepulse.com/




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