Review for ACMA 60 60 Welcome to Melbourne Collective

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A review from Peter Farnan a writer and  attendee at Australia’s Computer Music Association Conference 2014 at College of The Arts of which my submission was a 60 second soundscape of Melbourne ‘Not in Our Name’, in which I featured political protest on refugees at Federation square, a Chinese musician playing the Erhu, horse and cart and  trams  with some eerie edge ominous and expectant sounding  synths. The samples were lo fi phone recordings and were difficult to clean up, hence the audio quality. It embodies the notion of cacophony and overwhelm in the busy urban environment. One day I will have a Zoom unit.


[soundcloud width=”600″ height=”200″][/soundcloud]

The author talks about Electro Acoustic music, and the use of computers and compositional intentions  in experimental musics, with their integration into New age, dance, mainstream, or the lack of.

“EAM provides sound experiences that challenge how we make music and how we understand, shape and interpret what we hear. Usually one simply ‘enjoys’ a song or a symphony. 60 x 60 found me compelled to ‘make meaning.’ Did the content of a piece have any relationship to its title?”  Peter Farnan.


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