Rainbow Bridge Single and Contemplating buddha crowdfund campaign launch

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Hi Fellows of the Beatiful Earth

I’m Catherine Meeson an artist from Melbourne Australia. Welcome to my first crowdfund campaign for my third album ‘Contemplating Buddha’. I have been working steadily on this album within my means for a number of years, as a solo artist , writing, recording mixing and doing the art work and all video work myself. I offer it to you now;  the fruit of my labours, all finished with numerous other creative gifts (previous albums,  a dvd of studio sessions,  original paintings  etc). This is my creative legacy and the thing that drives me to bliss and also great pains. It is the way I choose to express and make meaning in my life, to share what moves me and inspires me in this world of ours. It is my gift to you. It is what will speak for me when I am long gone. I need your help right now to finish the album due for launch 20th March 2016 in Melbourne and distributed digitally.

As a FREE gift go to Bandcamp link below to download the Rainbow Bridge single as a thank you now. 

BAndCAMP free DOWNLOAD LINK- https://catherinemeeson.bandcamp.com/track/rainbow-bridge-across-the-deep-blue-ocean


Here is the single video ‘Rainbow Bridge(across the deep blue ocean)

Contemplating Buddha is a 12 track album that picks up where Atmospherica left off- travelling once again through the farthest reaches of Interstellar space from the Perseus system arriving at BioStation 87 67 , and on to The Dark Rift (Edge of Eternity). We journey over the waters of the world with Odysseus, encountering the sirens; return to The Motherland via the Rainbow Bridge- Across the Deep Blue Ocean – where all things come together in Convergence. Now and Then we Contemplate Buddha and find ourselves on The Outpost where things are Going Down. Sometimes life is a bit confusing, a bit lonely, but as life is a solo journey we come into focus Like a Laser Beam and finish the journey wiser and stronger than before. Not a concept album per say- but a thread through time and space, an experience of life- a journey begun on Revolution Complete, deepened on Atmospherica, pinnacled on Contemplating Buddha.

The funds you gift me contribute towards the followingFinal mastering ( Approx $1000) cd production and digital artists services  (up to $540- gatefold, more environmentally friendly) and digital distribution approx $100 and posters for the album launch if all goes to plan  in Melbourne Australia 20th March. I am hoping to raise a total of  $1500

Have a look at the photos on offer for gifts. I can only show you the final album Artwork not the cd as I do not have it yet.

Please watch both videos for important info on the item and packaging/ fees post which have been regionally calculated to Australia post air mail rates.

Video 1. Is  generally introducing my Campaign and the gifts.

Video 2. Covers  things like the items, the gifts as a show and tell and postage, fees and packaging which must be included for me to get the items to you

Video 3 Will be a progress report and will include thank you towards the end of the campaign


Thank you letter- $10 (unlimited)

Contemplating Buddha cd only- $20 (20 only)

Contemplating Buddha album download- (unlimited)

3 cd album pack Revolution Complete, Atmospherica and Contemplating Buddha- $60 (15 only)

Digital Discography download Revolution Complete Atmospherica and Contemplating Buddha and Oriental Temple Gardens Complex– (unlimited) $60

Painting and cd – $80 for smallest or $90 for larger paintings (7 only- first come first served)

Studio sessions DVD and Cd- $45 (10 only)

House gig and album (Melbourne only)- $200 (3 only)

Co created Composition (writer rights shared with Performing Rights Association registry, phonographic and production rights artist retains)  $250 (3 only)

Contemlating Buddha Art collage

Original paintings on offer

Contemplating Buddha Album Crowdfund gifts2

Above picture Studio sessions dvd and my 3 albums

A combination of the above. That is where postage gets tricky. Please read the text carefully, as a solo independent artist  running all aspects of my creative production process I cannot refund nor be responsible for  choice mistakes, damaged goods etc, though all due care will be taken to ship expediently and deliver to you in perfect condition I cannot be held responsible for freight damage or freight time delays).

Each item has postage packaging and associated processing fees (Gofund me and Paypal). If you get multiple items you add the item total together. If it is less than $50 you pay  the fees associated with that. If it is over $50 you pay the fees for that and  for your geographical region. Letters,  single cd’s are straightforward with regional postage and rates. See table below. If you get a cd, dvd and a painting it is calculated by weight  and region . If you forget to pay postage and shipping I can’t get you your gifts

To simplify the GIFT TOTAL IS  THE ITEM CHOSEN (above or below $50 PLUS  package + postage and fees for region. See Totals below $50 or above $50 below.




Album download $15 plus $1.50fees
Digital discography download $50 plus $5fees
Aus Cd $20 plus $4.90 postage packaging
Aus parcel below $50 -$14.45 above $50 -$18.85 postage and packaging
Int Air Mail letter $10 plus $4.50 postage and packaging
Uk Cd $20 plus postage and pacakaging $10.90
Uk parcel items  above $20 but below below $50 – $25.20 above $50 $29.20
Usa cd $20 plus postage and packaging  $10.90
Usa parcel below $50  $21.10 above $50 $25.10
Asia cd $20 plkus psotage and packaing $9.85
Asia parcel below $50 $21.10 above $25.10
House gig $250
Composition $250

Please note digital delivery still incurs a small processing fee(items under $50 rate) as do house gig and composition commissions (specified rate)


CD PLUS THANK YOU LETTER- $20 + $10+ $11.90= $41.90 total

3 CD PACK PLUS DVD TO AUS= $85 + $18.85= $103.85 total

CD DVD PAINTING TO USA= $20 + $25+ $60 small painting = $105 + $25.10= $130.10 total

Everyone who supports my campaign  will be thanked on social media and on my Musings blog on my website

I estimate delivery times  from when the physical cd’s are manufactured  mid March  to be mid April when mailed out, at the album launch and thank you for your patience .

The album will be launched  March 20 2016.
I cannot finish it without you, as I have run out of funds, if you have liked any of my work please, please, please support my campaign. I will be most grateful for all eternity, we all need a community to support us, and you are it my friends <3 !

Don’t forget to claim your free single gift available only at bandcamp!

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