Creation of the Hive

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As one who’s native tongue is myth and metaphor, I thought this apt to describe the process just begun with building a website in a new format. As with all things my music/ arts practice; it is just me. For the many honeycombs within my hive, are the workers busy, a few trax to go with Atmospherica mastering and research prior to releasing, such as who will I release under, Bandcamp? CdBaby?. I do have my own label name- Sonic Sanctuary which will be on all my work.  Other honeycombs in my hive include the dvd I have made of ‘Studio Sessions’ of production of Atmospherica and Contemplating buddha- will my computer manage to publish an hour and a half? The dvd will be part of the honey to allure supporters for a crowdfunding campaign to produce Contemplating Buddha. Then there is the website, the need for photography, a tall ship sail for a film clip, to start rehearsing and scouting locations to extend my hive via an Atmospherica release performance, and to build locations with other colonies in the form of radio and media. The queens job is extensive, yet this Queen sails solo. Back to work, enough musing, enough buzzing, in the delightful autumnal light of the southern hemisphere, I bid you good day.



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