Production promotion what the?

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Here is the archive of the Australia day interview with Lee Roy  on Living in the Land of Oz at my local radio Living in the Land of Oz interview archive

Sitting here sifting through the umpteen books where fleeting notes are compiled to help keep me on track. Where did I write ideas about crowdfunding, where did I write info about track themes and possible track list orders? Etc. Production stuff. It is hard to keep track of everything.

I had a lovely interview with Steve Sokvari from Out of this World Radio Adelaide yesterday, I hope some of you heard it, I am  very grateful for his support of my music. He has been there  since the start. Something that stuck with me is the “ambient electro, meditative with a beat”,  we said, “music that takes you on a journey”. That is a staple of my music.  That is Atmospherica. I still have to manifest some official reviews and rewrite  the dozens of blogs I sent download codes to, and then research more. Holy …….. At this stage  there is so much work, how blessed people are to have support. Creation, Production, Release, marketing. Marketing what the hell is that? Promotions? ! Trying to figure it all out one step at a time.

Finally got around to starting a festivals list and researching applications dates, so there is a few possibilities, just in Melbourne at this stage. It’s nice to know that folk festivals are open to pretty much anything, so I may have a decent shot?. Still needing to find local places to play. Still calling out for help from anyone willing to help me with anything- management assistance? Any takers, you would get paid.

Video allies– co-credits, you get to use any video on your sites too.

Today I’m tackling inserting the last four wavs into my Studio Sessions hour and a half video. Than to add all the credits and attributions/ licensing info. This has to be finished prior to mastering Contemplating Buddha so it can be offered for Crowdfunding. I’ve already mentioned the paintings I’ve done , I am doing three more mini ones. so I have to plan a campaign for that and research all that jazz.

Where I left off- Do The Dream Festival 1997

Do The Dream Festival 1997

I am hoping to get my mic real soon so I can finish Sometimes, it is the last track needing completion and has the most difficult history through both computer breakdowns and loss of files, I have had to rebuild it from fragments bounced and omg  a big headache  anyway. Guitars need redoing as well and a huge keyboard part is missing. It has a Cure feel.

I am hoping to bring you a new video soon, of a track of Atmospherica… will have to wait and see!

So once I organise myself I can look to timelining the mastering and release, there is still a little work to do on the audio but not heaps, as it is in review process. all for now

I leave with a quote from a classic text I am enjoying at present, of profound Daoist living wisdom. ‘The Yellow Emperors Classic of Medicine’– A new translation of the Neijing Suwen  with commentary by Masoshing Ni, Ph.d, 1995 Shambhala  as it relates to themes that will be touched upon in the new album Contemplating Buddha, themes that recur in my work, relations, spirituality/philosophy, and environment. 

This holistic life philosophy of the ancient developed ones represents the basic tenets of the Integral Way- a life lived in harmony with universal law….The environment, the way of life and the spirit all contribute to the quality of human existence…With the ecological balance of our planet in peril, the message of the Neijing speaks loud and clear” Degradation of our environment will have an irrevocable impact on all life on earth. Preface pp. 11-14


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