reHEarsals and upDAteS

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RE hear-sals……to re hear……every few days….anchoring information into the neural pathways……..coming along fine……I am wanting a long mic lead to play with  my audiences heads. This will be only the second public foray with an amp and pedal set up i.e with everything  not all through a lap top. It really is better with guitar coming through an amp and dedicated pedals. It has more life to it.

RE hear sol

RE hear sol

Crowdfund Updates– So digital distribution is done Contemplating Buddha will be on Bandcamp, Itunes, Google Play and other major digital stores., but it will not be on streaming sites. Crowdfunders will receive their download codes on the 21st, for any physical product allow  time for post depending on where you are geographically, but please do not forget to pay for postage – check the rates.


I have had my first plays via the Air It program, thanks so much for the support from AIR It/AMRAP (Australian Music Radio Airplay Project) and look forward to the reports of where my three trax have been picked up Australia wide.

the launch is MARCH 20 and I want you all to come along, and  fill the space. I am hoping the seasonal sore throat does not affect me too bad….I think off to the docs as I can’t afford an affected throat for album launch.

Album Launch bar Open jpeg

the cd’s are home yey! They look great. More environmentally friendly. Gatefold is all board, no plastic, just the cd. I really do wish that the audio media was also environmentally friendly, only way to do that is no physical products……just have all files. It is an ethical dilemma for me sharing my work, manufacturing creative product that has to be part of the western consumer model. Anyway politics aside.


Contemplating Buddha limited editions cd’s

Need to figure out how many cd’s to take to the gig. Anyone willing to man sales stuff for me? There is a Cd for free and infinite love and gratitude on offer for energy exchange?.

Do I bring the paintings I did for the campaign to the launch? What do I do with them then? Put them up for sale on my Store page I guess. They will remain in the Crowdfund campaign till that closes which will most likely be after the launch, so a few more weeks. I wish I could totally transport you all to another world but I need more people and resources for that, there are ideas percolating for the future. Future gigs and multi modal shows.

Mandate of Heaven– I hope to hear back from LA MAMA soon, this month … see if that will get an open door. work will begin in earnest if it is a yes as there is a lot to do, needing a new computer straight away and video editing software. a large component of that show will be video.

See you at the launch Bar Open March 20 8pm $5 ( in other worlds sweet f.a)

signing off, love from Sonic Sanctuary studio xxxx Cath

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