Beggar Woman Walks by the Waters movie Mp4

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Beggar Woman Walks by the Waters movie is finished and published as an Mp4  dvd. This project has taken a couple of years to complete,  mainly due to my old dinosaur computer dying and needing to retrieve the files and hoping to god I could get  to work on the file within movie maker on my newer machine. It may not be pro video editing software but it is what I have, definitely outgrowing it, one can only do so much with audio edits/ video edits and multiple streams of info and effects. I need something better, as well as possibly a more modern digital video camera.

Anyway, Beggar Woman was born in 2010  at Daylesford’s Mt Franklin. She is an old crone Beggar archetype, full of provocative musings about life. The dvd cover is as she first appeared, it is her birth certificate one could say. On the back is a capture image of a movie scene where she is throwing pebbles into the river reflecting on, well ripples. You have to watch if you want to know more. She is quite the philosopher too. Her language is metaphor, her native tongue. She is somewhat timeless as she speaks of the human condition and the global environmental condition, tinged with a hint of the prophetic. I have likened her to England’s Mother Shipton before, a social outcast who lived and prophesised at the same time as Nostradamus in the 17th century in York where I come from.  Mother Shiptons home was a cave in a limestone formation by a river, not sure of it’s name,  which is famous for the act of petrifying objects. Books have been written about her. I sometimes feel her spirit visits with me in the form of the Beggar Woman.

Beggar woman site specific process filming day

Beggar woman site specific process filming day

So here is the finished product a 31 minute approx Mp4 movie which you can buy for $20. It is minimally scored and features narration  with the voice of Beggar Woman. It is  what is called a site specific performance art project  from mid winter that I turned into a movie. I had initial sketches of what I wanted to do, the rest was in my head and I let the earth speak as I spent a few hours on site 25 minutes from home, filming, walking, taking notes. Then I brought it home and began work.   In the end I could not publish it on my own computer I has to use my sisters as I do not have Windows Ultimate !

Beggar Woman movie dvd cover

Beggar Woman movie dvd cover

Photo Day poem entry where I took the photographs for the dvd cover.

Once upon a time,

There were many creatures who dwelt here.

And then on marched time…….with it the minds of men,

Forgetting they too,

Are creatures of the earth.

This they create instead,

And they believe it is just.

Yet in honouring / housing only themselves,

And that which they choose,

They decimate the many,

The many creatures whom,

Once dwelt here.

Old World new world,

And so the old world,

Begins to pass away,

And the great change,

Where many things will become myth……

Pass …into memory.

They study with their instruments of science,

Seeking to discover the mysteries of creation,

Whilst before their eyes,

It passes,

An ephemeral trace,

Like the wind.

Yet the wind carries voices,

It carries the voices of everything that ever was,

In the same breath that has always been,

In the great substance,

That is life itself.


The great field of being.

I ask now

That you notice, notice what is happening,

Care enough to choose,

Or the choice will be decided for you,

The hand of mercy you may not meet.

So before you say,

All is woe!

It is the end……

Meet your reflection,

At the rivers end.

And know in time,

Tis but a trace,

A dream of being,

The human race…………


The great race that wiped out life itself!

With passion, purity and presence the Beggar Woman speaks for life itself, the will of life as it passes into the 6th great extinction. Millions call for life, not death…..These are typical Beggar Woman musings

Dvd and its creator i.e me

Dvd and its creator i.e me

I have another movie in the works the dvd sessions files of mostly vocal takes but also musings on making Atmospherica and Contemplating Buddha (the next album after the one I am about to release). Yeh that was a mouthful. It is an hour and a half and is going to be a right royal pain in the ass to publish again, because there are so many files that need to go in , video slivers of different sessions, pictures, audio, that are in the project file, omg, the life of an artist,. The untold hundreds of hours of work just to give you a glimpse of the forge! Well here is hoping you like my creative gems. They are what I leave behind, they be my swords and shields, my implements of finesse, to found  my new world.

I am sure the quality of production will continue to grow with my work as my knowledge and understanding do, and as I aquire better tools, for now, Adeui

If you want the dvd check out the store page, it will go up for offer on Bandcamp as a physical, not sure about digital not sure if you can sell films?  and it will also  be available when I play out there in yonder world.

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