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Welcome to the archives from the Wordsmythery ©, the place where all words issue forth  from the Great forge. Today brings the announcement of scrolls long hidden in dusty old caves where soils lay upon the parched papyrus and words have translated themselves through time to arrive in the present re arranged in the language of the day, from tongues once uttered but no more.

The Wordsmythery is where I will present my prose, poetry, other musings stories etc, writings,  quasi philosophical musings and different facets of who I am via the word.

Today I re-present some work of the last year or so, I will add to this long descending scroll as we go. I have a lifetime of such words to give, to give attention too, and soon.  I am a girl from the north who lives in the south a minstrel of melody a wordsmyth creatrix extraordinaire. I compose sonic tapestries and create visual delights and tantalise with tales from other times …….welcome to the great forge

Journey with me aboard the Windcatcher across the seas of time and the field of space.

Music is Master Key to The Universe

Music is my boat. Melody is my method and also a name for my muse. She is like Melody from Jack and the Beanstalk, ( the harp) she breathed life back into me, welcoming me onto new shores after a long stormy period of life. Her vibrancy and aptitude called me back to sea to see what I could see see see at the bottom of the deep blue sea sea sea. There I found the treasure dearest to me clothed by a paintbrush. It literally brought me back from Neptune’s realm. She had tools at her disposal and spoke to me of my souls deep longing, long repressed by life’s misadventures….This was a voyage I could not resist, it was one I must take come rain or hail. So we set off on a solo voyage not sure of the conditions out at sea, with enough provisions to make a decent sail and enough bounty to cast anchor in a few foreign shores. We had stores built up over many years, some just seeds others fruits, that will make maturity one day, books of prose poetry, lyrics, much artwork, a lot of older songs from  my girl with a guitar days (who never really got to play). The mission for the captain became on of deliverance. To finish the journey and deliver the bounty to shore. And so here we are on the way. Join us  and be part of merry making, the whole world awaits and compass bearings are good.

Please engage with me via the ‘comments section’ on the blog page called Musings I’d love your feedback if you love my art. Artists do not work for themselves only. It’s my mission to finish my work. Each completed work is one of my children and I intend to birth a nation.

I am a mythic translator
a guide to the realms
of heaven and earth.
Who was before
what came after
where that we go now
all within my domain.
I stand waiting
Ready to receive thee Ready to ferry you on
gifting me a lantern
for the next part of my journey
for another myth to speak. CM 2.3.2016

chaos is a beast
no man can master
a long wrestle
in the halls of time
a faceless monster
that’s you and me
a life of other possibility
those who wrestle
know it’s name
those who contend
have felt its shame
those who remain
their souls laid bare
to fight the beast
within its lair

for my kin in chaos CM 3 3 2016

We all turn to each other
for consolation
Yet a cold indifferent stare
As eyes gaze out
From wherever they are
Long away
Far away
That magical place
Of dreams
Ideals and stories
So busy are we
We fail to see
The person before our eyes
So occupied are we
With the worldly
That the soul embodied before us
Appears as a specter
“What did you say?”
“Never mind
Don’t worry about it”.
Life as lived today.
Catherine Meeson

Like the gentle rain
To a parched soil
I sought only to nourish
Yet do the clouds
Grace the desert
Where few souls do dwell?
I guess I will never know
But like the morning dew
I can be a presence for life
Wherever life carries me
I sought only to love you…C.M
(for the mist that constantly evades me F.J.M.
Love must go somewhere, so to the page it goes). 14.12.17

A wave in the sea is you and me
A wave in the sea is you and me
Travelling along
amidst the currents of life
Cradled by the breast
contained by gravity
a shimmer on the face of the moon
a glimmer of hope
passed to soon
a wave in the sea is you and me
calling the soul to renewal
copyright CM 2016

Not on my watch,
ticking of the clock
not a day goes by
where a mother cries
for the loss of life
is a sacrifice
many species die
meanwhile you and I

just another day
for business as usual
too busy to weigh
the toll of souls
another sign
and another cry
and another dies
for you and I.

Humanity the great
be the Kings of fate
and the Queens of life
of the former rites
no more we know
what have we to show
for our daily bread
when all life is dead?

Anthropocene in a new age of dreams
from the cyborgs eyes
the divine spark retires
to another fate
for it all can wait
for what you and I desire
can’t control the fire.

Not on my watch
ticking of the clock
not a day goes by
where a mother cries
for the loss of life
it’s a sacrifice
many species die
meanwhile you and I

not on my watch
ticking of the clock
not a day goes by
for you and I
not on my watch
ticking of the clock
another day goes by
for you and I.
(Military drumbeat to accompany) C.M 2017

Misty in the meadow
I breathe the morning dew
yet I don’t know what to feel
I don’t know what to do
just want to know you hear me
that I am loved a bit
not a worthless refuse
of life you wish you’d not lived.

It is like a million shooting stars descending at one time
the intensity of transmissions entering my mind
a glimpse of light beyond the veil
Of consciousness and mortal sails
Where here be I
the I I know
and yet no I , but more to show
For essence be that I am
where past and future merge as one ! Catherine Meeson 17 June 2014

I am a ghost
That utters
than is gone
spirit uses these bones
then when it is done
Fades away
the corporeal form
A mere life
As a mortal
I live
till I am done Cm 2016

feeling stretched and distorted…..carved from a block of ice……..staring into the face of the howling winds defiant always till the last breath….longing for some distant hill to walk, and scream into the wind…the wind the only friend………takes all of you and still gives life……… it carves the ancient rock….of metamorphosis………to walk into the mineral strata and seep into everything deep underneath the earth and emerge as a spring…………disembodied dreams….disenchanted life…….feeling given to much credit……too much credit life. 10 June 2013

In the darkness
you search for the light
When you find it
you plant it
in your heart
It grows into hope
and becomes beauty!
A fertile field
is life experience!’ Cath Meeson 1 6 2016

body become a willow
mind empty like space
breath enter and leave
this humble spirit gate CM 31 6 2016

Time is filled with many winds
often we know not
our time to sing
brings it to us
many rays
many hopes and many pains
persons close both near and far
hold them dear
and see their scars
those that time hides
the heart sees
hold all in forgiveness
choose to breath
breath life
into everything and everyone you meet
learn to bless
and not to cheat
for time is the greatest of takers
and the giver of the maker CM 2016 In memory Kylie Cousins 22 5 2016

Oh , feeling
a case – of the sads
seasonal sadness coming
I need to chase the sun
Once upon a time we did
We migrated on foot
or with beasts over vast plains
to higher ground
to escape the cold
I feel this is my dna and psyche every year
and it is so strong
i want to follow it
but our modern fixed life styles
do not permit us
to be a sun chaser
a star catcher
a roamer among the plains
a fisher along the fjord
a sailor making sands
a huntress with a clan
who reads the ley of the land
just as well as any sat nav
My heart screams out of my chest
why why, what sacrifice!
there are benefits to this modern life
but the ancient ways
have a beauty
a beauty in the fragility
of the survival instincts
In the move or die
It is not so different today
we are not meant to sit
all the time
Even persons predisposed
to modern forms of monasticism
hours of activity
hours of rest
different types of activity
Everyone is so tightly bound
so specialized
yet to general
no one knows how to survive
without the machines
we have grown sloth like and stupid
how much we will need
to rediscover
how much has been plundered and corrupted
how quickly would the great balance redress
how little there is left to take
and taking only what is needed
Our bones are our offering
to the next generation
and our plastic skins
from which nothing can grow
I mourn I mourn I mourn the loss
of the old ways
of the old times
Of the times out on the open plains
Of the times of the caves
Of the times of fire under the stars
I long to just walk
walk off into the sunrise
to find the land of tomorrow
think about it
as you chase the sun
and lament
as another year passes
as the bones grow weary
and the mind grows dim
what has gone
can never come back
not within our lived memory
and so tomorrow becomes the myth
becomes what memory
was not lived
but stolen
told by beings who din’t even know the truth
who denied the reality of once great pasts
that passed like the wind
out of living memory
We were great once before
we fell
we will fall once again
For once the living memory is gone
the forces forever battle
the tensions of time
forever turning the tides
of the testing grounds of earth  8 April 2016

even though your tender breast
sheds its skins
as babes leave the nest
i know its cyclic
and must come round
but still a sadness
speaks its sound
great beauty
mother in your skins
inspires in me great feeling CM 5 4 2016

Sometimes I wish magma to rise
to engulf the lands
to swallow humans whole
for deep crevasses to open wide
devouring the cities of concrete and steal
for rivers to turn to blood
the skies to deliver storm after storm
of humility
for flood to sweep away
and grandfather time to erase
all that has grown upon her body
so that she may learn to breathe again
End the desecration of mother earth
for humans do not like it when she screams
when her winds whip up
when visitors from deep space
tear through the sky
a blaze of fire to incinerate
anything in their sure descent
I feel her magma in my blood
the iron boils within
the feet sure placed
the soul within screams
screams as murder after murder
abuse after abuse
violation after violation continues
day after day
I invoke the great destroyer goddesses
to clean house
restore the system to life
redeem the earth
i bare witness Catherine Meeson 31 12 2015

 Compassion and mercy

the sure salve
to all the worlds ills
to the soul imprisoned
in the memories of time
seeking solace
in the heart of another
compassion and mercy
such gentle tears
clears away all anger
so that only love remains
the love that was meant for each
as divine estate
compassion and mercy CM 28.12.2015

I give thanks for the hardest of teachers for they showed me the path to god and taught me how to love

 4 Jan 2016-01-04

I want to sit in a flower filled field
smelling sweet nectar
I want to watch the twinkling of the stars
bodies entwined
I want to taste the sweet essence
Of pure love and desire
I want to hold you close
And never let go
I want to rock the universe
creating symphonies of sound
so sweet that trickle
into all the darkest recesses
washing away all pains
I want to be
I want to be with you
Greeting the day
Holding the night
making love under the stars
and more as yet undreamed
come dream with me Jan 2016

hills and valleys of time and tide
who was I

 but no more time
a dream of then a seed of now
a feeling I hope does not betray
a way so clear
a path so sweet
but like all life
is full of defeat
to risk to walk
and enter anyway
experience it all again
whether pleasure or pain
to be her
yet she I am not
to converge
with what one forgot
Questions remain
I am more
Questions remain
Do I open that door? CM 6 1 2016-01-06

 7 Jan 2016

Eyes deep as a forest
Like midnight
I wonder
I wander into you
Like the vastness of space
Yet forbidden place
A knight stands
A top a cliff face
Sentry to life
Out over the open ocean
Does his essence
See into me? (For you.♥)

8 Jan 2016

Into the silence
the sanctuary of longing
enter the silence
the place of true belonging
enter the precipice
the edge upon the cliff
surrender ones knowledge
Take flight from the abyss
Into the silence
A vow I do take
I go out with the tide
I decide what to give CM

Father of time 12 1 2016

how do you fill
the hole in the heart
left a long time ago?
a void that only
the one who left it
could fill
deep feeling
deep energy
equal measure
you gave me much
but you took it away too
all I seek
is to feel complete within myself
and no longer have

 this hole to fill
you blocked yours
I opened mine
you left yours
I found mine
you bypassed yours
I grafted mine
so firmly into reality and compassion
there was no other way
alone adrift
out at sea
that is the legacy you left
for me
but still it feels empty
the aching need
the long time bleed
the soulful evocation’
to an archetype
none other can replace you
I wish you knew
I wish you never left me
you were my anchor
my inspiration
my first arts teacher

For your birthday 11.1.2016

Gems not perfect but polished
harvested from within the fertile earth
becoming more than
I could of dreamed alone
each facet a world unto itself
though art my friend
when you shine on me
again and again
no matter what
filling to in turn empty
being to in turn become
in this place
priceless to me
but not to another
my treasures none the less CM 14.1.2016

Staring out into the darkness of the universal mind
where the stark face of stars shimmer and breathe
calling me far far away from my feet
into a sense of something beyond the beyond
a greatness that is the cosmic body of all
Nut Nut Nut
You hold me in this Womb of time
A mortal beholding Your majesty
Dwarfed by your splendour
Aching to fee, Something
Something that does not betray
A sacred seed Birthed in the Room of lives
Nut – where are we? Where are we going?
Must we continue this dance
Of  forever a time? Catherine Meeson 2015

 GRACE IS  4 10 2014

Grace is a crier in the Valley of tears

Grace holds the grail of perpetual motion

In the realm of universal being.

She refills the oceans with the salt of life

And reflects the sorrows of being.

As a maker of drops, a source of ripples

She carries on alone for it is her duty.

Her duty to feel the Universal heartbeat

And cry the tears that others will not.

She is a shard, shard of the Mother being

Witness to time, voice on the winds’

Spirit over the waters

Grace Keeper of the grail

As lady justice I declare

That all you law makers…..

Your sin is great

The weight of your inequities

Far outweighs the feather of Maat

As witness to universal justice

I say no to you

No you cannot do what you do

And get away with it

It is time to account to the universal being

It is time to be weighed

It is time for the universal measure

Your silence is a mystery

I know not what it reveals to me

It hides like the distance clothed in time

I reach out to get through to you

Like many others I never could chink your armour

So your heart would unfold

Weary from battles ages ago.

Engaged in toil to learn to sew

From this life or from that

I know not when or where

But one thing is a certainty

A tiny rainbow filament

That carries the torch of soul

From other lives 6th July 2015

We be satellites

Orbiting the same moon

Stars in the same system

Waves in motion

You and me

Yes you and me  15 7 2015

Matter material mother x 2

She who gives form

Is the earth

Matter materia mother

Foundations fo life

Source of  worth

Gossamer threads from the memory man

Brings you a sweet clear reflection

Weave it he says make a basket for gold

Rest your head and dream tenfold

A thread for feeling

A seed for each fear that

Seeks to cast its net wide

As the veil is black

You be my teller when my stories are old

You be my feeling  when corruption takes hold

Lead me away to my hammock among the trees

So I may dream a bit, upon the breeze

 Show me the prism when its colours are pure

Clear as the rainbow and stronger than the lures

The lures of this world that lay awaiting

As the trolls of the bridge are abating

You allow me to feel when I turn away in pain

You sung of my childhood dreams and games

Oh how  I wanted just to play, just to play, just to play

Play far and wide, near and far

Where my feet would take me

Where my dreams would steal

Where my heart  awakened me

To visit both true and real

Here’s a little

A message to the world

To the military man

You keep doing what you’re doing

While we’re doing what we can

A safeguard to the future

For all generations

Life is here for living

Not controlling and destruction

Monopoly of mortal worth

Another paradigm of human slaves

Lords to their masters

All obey

Stirrings in the undergrowth

Awakening the seeds of hope

Sovereignty of soul our right

Overcoming the corporate might

He who has ears let him hear?

But is it just an admonition to a distant non incarnate god?

Or is there a deeper strata that speaks to us

Of the essential unity of all things

And how the sense of sound

Informs us about sound and relation

She who has ears let her hear

And tell me what you hear?

To what do you listen?”

What is the dominant voice

In the topography of daily life?

What is given precedence in the realm of being?

What fabric weaves its tapestry

As an impenetrable veil of reality

That only few can decipher?

He who has ears let him hear

Her who has ears let her hear

All whom have ears let them realise

What is meant by these words

Whisper the spirit of understanding

Into all things

 How do you take shape in a world of lies

That you despise

Learn from the great mother keeper of the tides


Solitary maiden by the well

Pours to those who come by its way

Ask and the cup be given

It’s waters eternal

What’s the price for the pitcher?

More says she

All have the same right

What be the source of the water?

Eternity raining down on itself she says

She says to the winds

Whose grains blow upon her body

Who’s abrasion etches time upon her face

Who’s presence eclipses everything

Even the well

Even the pitcher

Especially the maiden

I feel alone in the eye of the storm of I am

all around is eerie silence

but the night is potent as it gives birth to the day

yet the soul longs for others

to be in the place of union

what good is unity

if not to be shared?

One step upon the sands of time

Is all; that we are

Washed away in an instant of the universal

A breath of the gods

 A wind

I am not here

I am differentiation

One and yet no thing


I dwell in a field that is not of my dreaming

I see in a world that is seldom revealing

I’m haunted by happenings from so long ago

The present the portal to times that I’ve known

I be here I be there

I be then I be now

I be you I be me

I be all I be free

I be black I be white

I be man I be wife

I be troubled I be free I be you I be me

 I dwell in a field that is not of my dreaming

The powers that rule there are seldom forgiving

I’m astonished by ways foreign to my heart

I seek light from the depths of the dark of the arts

I dwell in a field that is not of my dreaming

The spellbinders weave magic here gossamer gleemings

The desires of ones heart and thoughts of ones mind

Be the tools and the keys for rendering one blind

 A reality picture fast becoming a witch hunt

A battle for lords off in foreign lands’

a temple retreat in a forest of Asia

The ruins of Delphi lay at my command


become the ashes

become the flame

know no limits

be undone again

what you know

is naught but lies

essence reveals

a shrouded life

hidden from view

something new


into the fabric of time

take the thread

follow the forest path

undo it all

the mind undone

in the overlap of time

is there enough

to realise

through the flesh

the crown of life

master time

beat me down

to the bone

flesh me up

when I am whole

release me then

to the halls of life

Your grand design 5 2 2016

1.History heavily crafted language

to remove the authority of the word

the vibration of the holy

We have dead discourse

Which touches not the soul.

Is meaning subjective

Or is it received?

Is it experienced?

Dependant upon realisation,

the resonance struck

Within the very codes of life itself

like a great gong

2.Unity of god through rhythm,

And melody

Word combines

with movement

A spirit symphony

3. Command of Ear, hearing word

to command , of I- eye go

Illusion weaving

Where visual governs reality


All sense incorporate

A sensory bombardment .

The art of manipulation is taught

The arts of attention

The art of perception.

Prescribe the form of assembly

Test people

talk orate know and discover.

The word commands

So the he that not know

Seeks not entry

Into the sanctum

Of knowledge.

But keeper of the gates

Persuades with

Man as mockery.

They sit behind

the structured formality

And veil their deception

As education

Pedalling their wares  to the unaware

Beware, for that you pay!

I write the words

That come to me

I question not their validity

Embodied full and round are they

Not hollow vessels

Of contrived ways     © Catherine Meeson 2013

Welcome to The Museletter

© Catherine Meeson 2014


be the Theatre of dreams,

The records of a life lived creatively.

I am a girl from the North

Who lives in the South…

A minstrel of melody,

A wordsmith,

Creatrix extraordinaire!

I compose sonic tapestries,

and create visual delights,

I tantalize with tales from other times!

A multi modal artist,

Creator with words, pictures & sounds.

I didn’t intend to be an artist.

Music was put before me,

as a sweet nectar from the gods.

I followed the pipers lead,

I embraced it,

loved it, lost it,

I suffered for my art,

I found and lost my heart.

Only now later in life,

can I bring  you the fruits,

Of my chameleonic cornucopia,

To the banquet of life.

So here,

find my musings.


find my music.


find some art,

some words, some links,

some things,

that are a record

of mwah Catherine Meeson.


here find my faces,

here find my obsessions,

here find my forms,

Of revelation,

Of a life lived,

Via the Museletter.

Where it leads,

In the theatre of dreams

Only time

can tell…

My refuge is sound

My refuge is silence

I get to travel

while going nowhere


Don’t tell meI cannot do

the spirit moves

As it will

I just follow


Words are like nations

They propagate histories

long after

they come into being


The WORD is



The ancient paths

are well trod

They all sound ‘

the same song


Do your ears hear

the Great Symphony?

It is nature…

perfect reflection

of movement and rest


Hear, Here

Here hear!

What do you hear?


what was before?


Latch onto the raft

and it is gone

down the river

The waves

always change

the universe is

a Modulation


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