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Creativity Coaching for Musicians and artists of all kinds.

What is Creativity Coaching?

Creativity Coaching as taught by Eric Maisel, is artist specific coaching, we deal with the broad spectrum of musician/ and or artist related concerns, from matters pertaining to craft, person and ones place in the world.

Being an original artist, living an authentic fulfilling creative life, having a unique creative voice and reaching an audience is no easy matter in today’s over-saturated world. Creativity coaching can help you to live the creative life you long to live, by having a creative  companion who is devoted to your unique creative vision at the time of consultation.

Whether from early beginnings as a songwriter, to planning demo’s, concept work, albums, recording, independent release, live events etc, album art, music videos, the focus is always how can I help you.

Dr. Maisel explains:
“As I practice it and envision it, creativity coaching is one person offering soup-to-nuts help to another person who is trying to live a successful creative life. The creative client may have career concerns, creative blocks, psychological issues, relationship issues, or existential and spiritual crises, and may face a gamut of challenges that come from wanting and needing to create. A creativity coach expects all of this and is ready for all of this.”

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Bookings via bank card or Paypal, secure SSL. Please check your emails for follow up to arrange a time and date. Coaching in person, via zoom, and email follow up. For best results a package may be more suitable.

One on one sessions with artists & half day retreats coming soon

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