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Catherine Meeson is an independent singer-songwriter electro composer. A multi-instrumentalist who produces her own work. She writes ethereal electro and psychedelic folk rock covering many themes such as the environment spirituality, relationships, myths and legends, time and space travel, the journey through life and existential matters, protest songs and songs of unity. Some songs are a call to arms, some pure myth and fantasy, or a direct challenge to the powers that be. In her music she hopes to  broaden your perspectives on world events.

The music seeks to map the stream of the personal, and detail the social, political and spiritual realms, helping to raise consciousness and promote the overcoming of adversity and transcendence. It is work that you can relate to on many levels and has a multi generational appeal.

She is motivated by a deep love of life, the great mystery, the global stage, beauty, mythos and matters of the spirit – she feels compelled to give voice and meaning to life via music. With a philosophy of ‘a conscious musical ethos’ ©, she feels strongly about the true power and potential of music to inspire, heal, create movement, educate and empower.

Her work has an ability to transport consciousness, create space and aid one to go on journeys by providing and evoking powerful visual images that activate the movie in one’s mind. Her work crosses many boundaries and  is music that you can do anything to, chill out, get creative, relax, close your eyes, drift away or drive. The music promotes inspiration, vision, awareness, hope, empathy and relatedness, a sense of purpose, the mythic and the archetypal, a social conscience,  transcendence, relaxation and repose and a voice for those who have none with powerful political and social messages.

Musically it features real and synthetic bass, programmed drums, psychedelic guitar, lush synthesizers, Tibetan bowls,  gongs and chimes, ostinato and arpeggios with counterpoint a plenty. The bass, rhythm and melody  richly weave a beautiful sonic tapestry. With melody as the river of time and rhythm as the heartbeat, her music is the raft that takes you on a journey of timeless resonance. Her work is well composed and arranged. A true musical storyteller.

She has been likened to Kate Bush, Enya, Annie Lennox, PJ Harvey, The Cure, Enigma,  Lisa Gerrard and more


Her work creates an atmosphere that has been described as

“Compositions are a vivid painting filled with many hues, each deliberate and thoughtful and each stroke blending perfectly” Rick Mc Clure Eclectica n’ Fusion U.S.A

“It’s the sound of a music goddess! Dedicated to give you the best all-round energy loaded music experience that will take you somewhere with many surprises along the way! Please don’t hesitate to tune in:(Kn) -YeahIKnowItSucks

“A musical dreamscape that I can visualize alongside an equally dramatic piece of performance art, like dance”

“transporting, transcendental”


“Raga like trancy, dreamy”

“It’s like nothing else- unique”

“Enchanting metaphysical melodies”

“Like being in an omnisphere travelling round the universe”

“Takes me back to a time when enlightenment was everything”

“Atmospheric, otherworldly, ethereal, relaxing, trancy, cinematic journey music with pop tinges”

“ Being in space , journeys of immersion and transportation, music you can lose yourself in”

“ Immersive and spacey” “

“Mysterious ambiance- portal to another world”

“relaxing beautiful easy to listen to”

Guitar and vox comparisons  ” Like PJ Harvey on acid”  “Definitely ambient”  “like Kate Bush , Patti Smith & Annie Lennox”


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