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One has to wait till night time to record. I have been rehearsing a while, been through a good  couple of months of lessons to get the voice in order to re do some vocals for both the album and some collaborative songs which have a bit more of a mainstream flavour possibly. you can be the judge of that. And getting back into the space to work sometimes their is an internal mutiny on the Windcatcher and Melody is left high and dry with no cooperating companions. What the  f…k is she talking about?


I am so in love with my Neumann, broke it in just now. It is just so lovely. I was worried that even at night there would not be enough silence  as my studio space is not acoustically treated, but listening back it sounds pretty sweet. Better then  the first takes on a Shure that is for sure, ha ha.

So I am cooking up something for you, it’s going to be a single. I got a batch of dvd’s, cd’s etc  all sorted now for Crowdfunding a bit later, it’s still coming. I am going to  head out soon either stripped back with just guitar to play or in electro mode, to find my people…….so prepare to step on board the ‘Windcatcher’ and sail with me to new horizons and beautiful lands. More soon, love, love.

Need a new computer soon to really power through the production levels I hope to move into in the future, with both video work and audio. So just a reflection from this conjunct Jupiter Venus , perfect for the artist to bloom!

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  1. John Campbell says:

    Hi Cath, I got your email thank you. I have found that we have a common Love! Yes, it’s a Neumann. No, I don’t have one yet but have been planning for one for years. I do have seversl other pets I use in my films, including an AKG, a Sennheiser rifle and radio mic and a ‘Jeanne Audio’ Tube Mic,. Beautiful but still the Neumann calls me as it sits on the shelf, waiting for me to put it behind my pop filter and start using it in my documentaries. I have a TV show on Channel 31 and can get you exposure on air when you wish. I live in the country but come to town each week. While in Melbourne I can be contacted via my friend Josephine

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